PARLY DRAMA: Mliswa ejected over row with coup-bashed CIO boss; minister Mudoti kicked out too

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By Anna Chibamu

THERE was drama in Parliament Wednesday as independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa was ejected after insulting colleagues as he grilled treasury chief Mthuli Ncube over his ministerial statement on the economy.

Junior information minister Energy Mudoti was also ordered out of the Lower House for wearing party regalia.

For Mliswa, what started as a clarification-seeking contribution did not end well as the short-tempered legislator ended up mocking colleagues for criticizing his interrogation of finance minister Ncube.

Said the Norton MP; “The Economy can only be resuscitated through the resources of the country. He (minister) is bent on taxation. Which country has ever sustained an economy through taxation?

“We are sitting with over 30 or 40 taxation programmes in a country. When investors get to that, they do not bring in the money.

“So, a US$165 billion application means nothing if nothing has gone into action. We might as well forget about that. Why is it that those applications have not been approved?”

Other legislators interjected as Mliswa continued to seek clarification on several issues, but the fiery MP shouted back telling colleagues that, “you do not have the intellectual capacity that I have.”

Zanu PF’s Remigius Matangira then raised a point of order asking Mliswa to withdraw his statement but the latter would not listen as he immediately picked up another fight with ex-CIO boss Albert Nguluvhe Albert.

Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi was also asked to leave

He accused the Zanu PF Beitbridge legislator and former spy chief of being a sell-out forcing the Speaker on the day (William Mutomba) to intervene.

Taakuzotandanisana manje muno umu (I may be forced to order people to leave the House).  Hon. Mliswa, I am quite surprised that you seem to be showing some disrespecting attitude towards your Chair.

“I have recognised him (Matangira) because he has raised a point of order. I am quite surprised Hon. Mliswa. That is unparliamentary language. What is your point of order Hon. Matangira?

Matangira replied: “My point of order is that in this august House, we should treat each other as Hon. Members because you cannot talk of members who have no mental capacity.”

Unimpressed, the Speaker charged; “Hon. Matangira, go out.”

As soon as Matangira left, Mliswa continued to rebuke Nguluvhe.

Waitengesa kuna Grace, wakarohwa iwe (You were selling out to Grace. That is why you were beaten up),” Mliswa said at Nguluvhe, leaving Speaker Mutomba with no option, but to ask him to leave as well.

“Hon. Mliswa out!  Please, Sergeant-at-Arms escort Hon. Mliswa out.”

Meanwhile, deputy information Energy Mutodi was also ordered to leave the House for wearing party regalia.

The junior minister was wearing a golden lapel badge featuring President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s signature and this was noticed by opposition MP

Speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda this year made some ruling that no member of the House of Assembly should wear anything resembling party affiliation such as the popular President Emmerson Mnangagwa scarf or the Zimbabwe flag.

The deputy minister wore a tag written ‘Mnangagwa’ and this was spotted by opposition MDC legislator who raised the matter with Speaker Jacob Mudenda.

“Mr. Speaker, you made a ruling that Parliament is not a rally; we should not put on party regalia,” said Zwizwai.

“I have noticed that Hon. Mutodi is putting on some party regalia; he is putting on some insignia written Mnangagwa. Will it also be fair for us to bring something written Chamisa on our person?”

The deputy minister tried to ignore opposition demands for him to leave, but he eventually approached the Speaker’s desk and spoke to Mudenda before leaving the House.