Parly row as Zanu PF MP tells committee chair Mliswa not to rush him

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THERE was a show down in parliament this Monday between Mines committee chairperson Temba Mliswa and Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament Masango Matambanadzo over questions posed to the police’s Minerals Control Unit.

The hearing sought to understand how diamonds were looted when the country had a specific unit constituted to curb such illegal activities.

After over an hour of presentations and interrogation, Matambanadzo (Zanu PF) was given an opportunity to ask the security managers questions.

He asked a lot of questions which had already been addressed in presentations. As his way forward, he suggested the same recommendations that had already been shared by the police bosses.

Mliswa, on several occasions, tried to politely remind Matambanadzo that his issues had been addressed by the delegation.

“Thank you honourable Matambanadzo, it’s a good question but it had already been answered with the same recommendation that you are giving before you came in,” he said in Shona.

Mliswa added a few minutes later, “All that you are saying has been captured before but you are free to engage them further after we conclude if you want to. People have been here since 9 am and it’s now almost lunch time, we do not want to waste time.”

But Matambanadzo would have none of it demanding to be respected and to be allowed to use his time the way he liked.

“I was late yes but what I am saying was said while I was here,” he argued to a laughing and irritated audience.

Go on ask said Mliswa resignedly for the third time.

“I want to say keeping the confiscated gold, it is by your choice?” said the legislator adding another question that had been answered.

Mliswa interjected again reminding the MP that if he had been listening he would have heard when the police explained that.

“Don’t just crush me. Chairman what I don’t want is for you to be too forward with me. I have my views,” Matambanadzo dared Mliswa.

He added, “We were all voted so that we contribute to national debates. Now as I’m asking, you interject using psychology, philosophy to me, give me my time to ask. I am a kind of justice (sic).

“How many times did I raise my hand up and you were not picking me? Now I am speaking, you say it has been said, it has been said. You want to block me. I need my respect as I respect you. Either repeating is because of your problem you were not picking me (sic).

Mliswa adjourned the meeting as the legislator was still daringly shouting to walking out police bosses, “You are doing well, not this thing where you are harassed for nothing.”

The legislator is known for such behaviour during meetings and, in his individual capacity against his committee’s position, has on several occasions praised and exonerated persons being interrogated by the committee.

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