Passengers Perish In A Mutare Bus Accident

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By Felix Matasva

A NUMBER of people Friday reportedly perished near a toll gate in Mutare after a fuel tanker collided with a bus, which was coming from Harare.

The fatal accident occurred between a popular leisure spot dubbed Romeo’s and a toll gate along Mutare Harare highway.

In a telephone interview, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi alluded to NewZimbabwecom some people have died.

“We had a fatal traffic accident which occurred late today. Police are still attending to the road traffic accident. I can confirm that there are some people who have died but we’d are yet to know the number,” Nyathi said.

“A fuel tanker which was coming from Mutare heading towards Harare had a collision with a bus which was coming from the capital city towards the eastern border town. In the process the fuel tanker ignited some flames which then spread onto the bus,” said Nyathi adding the Police will release more information during the course of the night.

However, an artisanal miner who spoke to claimed that only 12 people had survived.

“I witnessed the event. I was coming from Phenhalonga and by the time we reached the scene we discovered that only 12 people were injured and the rest had died,” an artisanal miner said.

Other witnesses who went to the scene said the number could not be ascertained.

“Those who are specifying a number could be lying. By the time we arrived at the seen rescuers were still looking for bodies inside the bus. When we arrived some people at the scene were claiming that seven people had been rescued from the bus. We had gone there to rescue a kombi driver who was heading towards Harare. He was trailing behind the tanker which collided with a Beta bus,” the source said.

Other sources said the accident occurred around five or six pm.

They claimed the bus was trying to avoid a pedestrian who was drunk thereby colliding with a fuel tanker.

In a video that went viral Friday night a tanker could be seen in flames along Mutare-Harare highway.