PDP: Independent candidates wasting voters’ time; most are desperate job seekers

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By William Milasi

THE opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed independent candidates as, ‘desperate job seekers’ who do not understand the matrix of a general election.

Party Secretary General Settlement Chikwinya, who is an MDC Alliance parliamentary candidate for Mbizo constituency in Kwekwe, said the upsurge of independent candidates is a deep reflection of the country’s economic fundamentals.

“The upsurge of independent candidates in this year’s elections is a deep reflection of the economic fundamentals in our country,” said the former Mbizo constituency law maker before adding, “Most of these independent candidates are seeking these political offices as job opportunities.”

“It’s not a job opportunity,” Chikwinya said.

The outspoken politician said most independent candidates do not understand the matrix of the general elections.

The opposition politician said the general election is about governance.

“Independent candidates do not understand the matrix of a general election,” he said.

“This general election is about governance, you can’t make a government when you are an independent candidate. This general election is about endorsing a leader who comes from a political party to form a government.

“Looking at the complex matrices surrounding general elections the independent candidates are wasting the voter’s time. Their efforts are in vain. Voters are voting for a party not an individual.

“It’s a waste of time for an independent candidate to seek a majority in a constituency.”

The nomination court has received 23 names of presidential hopefuls.

The senior PDP official said the election is a two-horse race.

“This election is about MDC Alliance and Zanu PF and the people of Zimbabwe are ready for change. The people of Zimbabwe are ready for the MDC Alliance,” he said.

Even so Chikwinya’s rival and independent candidate for Mbizo constituency Charles Madhiwa said MPs coming from both MDC and Zanu PF had failed the nation.

“Our parliament is one of the weakest in Africa because we are sending wrong individuals to parliament simply because they subscribe to a certain political ideology,” he said.

“The electorate is no longer concerned with partisan politics but individuals who can deliver. We don’t have MPs in this country but welfare officers who think you can address people’s problems by doling hand-outs.”

Meanwhile, MDC-T Organising Secretary Amos Chibaya has said they have not lost hope on independent candidates.

Chibaya indicated that most of the indicated that most independent candidates are disgruntled party members who lost in the primary elections.

“We are still willing to try and engage these independent candidates. It is their democratic right to stand as independent candidates in this election.

“However, what this simply means is that the individuals who have decided to stand as independent candidates have expelled themselves from the party,” Chibaya said.