Pfugari’s Children Wrangle Over Late Mogul’s US$30m Estate

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By Mary Taruvinga

THE High Court hearing of a case in which the off-springs of the late property mogul Edward Nyanyiwa, better known as Eddies Pfugari, are embroiled in a vicious wrangle over his US$30 million estate has commenced.

The case was heard before High Court judge Justice Manzunzu.

One of the late businessman’s son, Stephen has joined forces with his three other siblings, Naumi, Itai and Henrietta challenge the late Pfugari’s eldest son, Edward Jnr has a 50% control in their father’s 13 companies.

Also demanding a stake are late businessman’s widows, Nancy and Hazel.

Pfugari, a pioneer of Zimbabwe’s black economic empowerment crusade, died at the age of 82 on February 10 last year at his Milton Park home in Harare, leaving behind a massive business empire.

Stephen and the other children accuse Edward Jnr of forging documents showing he had a 50% shareholding in their late father’s estate.

Edward Jnr was sired by the now late Pfugari and a South African woman after the businessman migrated to the neighbouring country in 1952 seeking employment.

Edward Jnr was born in 1958.

After Stephen instituted the High Court proceedings, Edward Jnr challenged the application arguing it was “fatally defective”.

“The applicant has no locus standi to file this application. He is neither a director nor a shareholder of either the third (Eddie Pfugari Properties) or fourth respondent (Squires Loft),” Edward Jnr contested.

“The late Mr. Nyanyiwa was a 50% shareholder in the third respondent. I own the 50% shareholding in the company. It is only the first respondent (Clever Mandizvidza) and I who could lawfully attend a general meeting for the 3rd respondent,” argued Edward Jnr.

He said the CR14 documents for the companies do not reflect Stephen as a director.

Mandizvidza is the executor of Pfugari’s estate.

According to Pfugari’s last will and statement of 2016, which was submitted to the Master of the High Court through Tim Transfer Consultancy on February 28 this year, Pfugari bequeathed the whole of his estate to Edward Jnr.

“I bequeath the whole of my estate whose soever situate to my son, Edward Nyanyiwa (Jnr). Should my said son predecease me, leaving issue surviving, the share which would have been devolved upon him had he survived me shall devolve upon issue per stirpes,” part of the will reads.

However, Stephen and the other children are challenging this, arguing Edward Jnr forged the papers.

Pfugari was married four times.

The first marriage was in South Africa. He returned to Zimbabwe, then Southern Rhodesia, in 1962, and the following year, he married his second wife, Mildred Nhliziyo, the mother of Naumi, Itai, Henrietta and Stephen.

He also had two other wives, Nancy and Hazel, who are also claiming legal rights to the estate. The two women did not bear any children with the deceased.