PG Industries sued US$150 k for lost fingers

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By Mary Taruvinga

A driver with local conglomerate PG Industries Zimbabwe in Kwekwe has taken the company to court demanding US$150 000 in compensation for fingers lost in a freak accident.

The driver Josiah Mujawo, claims he was forced to operate a machine by a manager at the firm resulting in the accident and has now approached the High Court suing both PG and his boss Morgan Mapira.

In his declaration, Mujawo said the accident occurred on September 26 2018.

Mujawo was employed as a driver but Mapira then instructed him to operate the machine resulting in plaintiff seriously injuring his right hand during which he lost the pointing, middle and ring fingers.

“The accident was solely caused by the first respondent (Mapira) who gave a lawful instruction to the plaintiff to do work which was outside his job description without training.

“Mapira asked the plaintiff to operate the machine unsupervised and failed to observe factory safety regulations,” read part of the summons.

Mujawo said he is no longer able to use his hand as before and that he is failing to accept what happened to him as such requires psychological intervention.

He also complained that he cannot fend for his family as before since he can’t do the job which he trained for anymore.

“The plaintiff as result of the injuries sustained in the accident, experienced pain, shock and suffering, suffered loss of amenities of life, has been disfigured as he prematurely lost three fingers,” said Mujawo’s lawyers Makonese, Chambati and Mataka Attorneys at Law.

The matter is still pending.