Planning a Family Safari in Africa: Tips and Destinations

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Africa, the second-largest continent on the earth, covers approximately 52 countries and it’s famous for its diverse culture, wildlife, desserts, savannas, mountain ranges, ecosystem, and others. Safari in Africa offers a thrilling and long-lasting experience to wildlife safari enthusiasts, because it has hundreds of organized national parks like Hwange National Park, Serengeti National Park, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, and others, having a huge number of various species of animals.


Planning a Family Safari in Africa is the best thought to explore the biodiversity and ecosystem of Africa with family, because this won’t only be a spectacular safari adventure but will also be a memorable tour. African Safari areas are well organized to attract safaris from the entire world, and there are several cozy, luxurious, and peaceful lodges and resorts for families. Besides, these areas are completely protected to provide a safe and unique environment while exploring wildlife closely.

Top Destinations for Family Safari in Africa

In African Safari areas, numerous destinations especially promote family safaris by providing family lodges and other sources. Hence, we’re gonna share some most popular destinations that are perfect for families.

Family Safaris in South Africa

One of the biggest advantages of safari in South Africa is that there are multiple places like Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Madikwe Game Reserve, and others where you can spot the 5 Big of Africa easily along with other species of birds and animals.


In this area, you can also find various luxury game reserves such as Londolozi Private Game Reserve which will provide an astonishing safari experience to your family. You can also perform various safari activities such as game drives, walking safaris, and others which will allow you and your kids to explore its wildlife.

Family Safaris in Botswana

Botswana is one of the popular family safari destinations in Africa that’s rich in green landscapes, wildlife, ecosystem, and water reserves, and is popular among safari enthusiasts. Chobe National Park of Botswana is famous due to the Chobe River where numerous species of animals and birds come together, creating visually attractive and unique scenes for safaris.


There is also a Chobe Game Lodge in this park that’s well known for its adventurous child-friendly safari activities along with private family suits. Apart from Chobe National Park, you can visit Okavango Delta, situated in the heart of Botswana, has bewitching waterholes, floodplains, and islands. Most safari families visit Botswana due to its luxury resorts and lodges which help them to explore the wildlife and birdlife of this place.

Family Safari in Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania will surely get you back to the time when the world was untouched, barren, and vast. When a huge population of different species of animals and birds migrate yearly, the view helps safaris make their tour memorable. Serengeti National Park Tanzania has vast green landscapes, species, and water reserves which provide an unforgettable experience to a Family Safari in Africa.


This park has one family lodge named Singita Serengeti House that has bedrooms, kitchens, a media room, a tennis pavilion, and other areas, completing family needs. Apart from the Serengeti National Park, there are also several resorts and parks to enhance your safari experience.

Family Safari in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, known as the Jewel of Africa, also has dozens of Family Safari destinations, including Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools National Park, and others. All the destinations provide family-friendly safari experience, because there are numerous family lodges which not only provide couples a romantic environment but also offer various kids activities.


Victoria Falls is famous for its thundering waterfalls and surrounding greenery, compelling millions of safaris around the globe. Besides, Hwange National Park and Lake Kariba also have various artificial and natural water holes that attract the safaris who aspire to watch birds and animals doing activities.

Tips for Planning A Family Safari in Africa

Here are some tips for a unique family safari experience in Africa:

  1. Before planning a family safari, you must look for camps and lodges where you live. It should have some special abilities like private family suites, childcare service centers, and children activity areas.
  2. Some safari lodges are age-restricted, so before booking any lodge or camp know about its rules and regulations and book the suitable lodge for your children.
  3. You must educate your children about animal behavior and emphasize that your children must respect the animals.
  4. In African Safari places, you can explore numerous safari activities such as game drives, mokoro drives, and others, so you must plan those activities, engaging family.

Final Thoughts

In the guide on planning a family safari in Africa, we’ve shared our experience about African Safaris, especially for families. All the mentioned destinations are rich in wildlife animals, including the Big Five of Africa like elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinoceros, and lions which will enhance the experience of your safari.


Every destination has dozens of parks which are different in its wildlife, ecosystem, and others. Therefore, you’ll have a chance to explore distinct species of animals and birds, greenlands, waterholes, and lakes. In addition, we’ve mentioned some lodges which are good for a family safari in Africa.


We, African Bush Camps, also have lodges near to these places, so you can read about our resorts from our website and can contact us to book any resort. We’ve got a team of experienced safari guides, helping you to explore the wildlife, birdlife, and grassy lands of Africa.


  1. What’s the best place for family safari in Africa?

According to us, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are the best places for a family safari experience.

  1. Can we take kids to safari in Africa?

Of course, you can take your kids, ages 7 to 12 years, on an African safari, but you must contact the lodge manager to know about the rules and regulations of the lodge you’re booking.

  1. Is safari in Africa expensive?

It totally depends on which type of lodge you book and the place you visit.