Pointless complication Zimbabwe’s curse

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INTRICACY complicates, complexity costs and simplicity alleviates and ameliorates. The cosmetically composite and circuitous theories and models only concoct, confront and contradict the basic principle of simplicity, that principle of enhancing the ceaselessly destitute life of the people of Zimbabwe. The expensive and expansively baffling blue-prints and cumbersome accompanying conferences have no bearing to lives being upgraded and only serve to obstruct the confirmation, continuity and consistency of simplicity. The high seas, multiple girlfriends and nearly-Nobel peace prize winners do not enhance the lives of ordinary people. The multiple Mercedes limousines and mansions at the core of the privileged few do not augment the lives of the ordinary man, woman and child on the pavement. Zimbabweans are simple people, simply the most educated citizens on the African continent who solely seek the simplest of things.
It is the simple things that matter to people and it is the simplest of gestures that endears leaderships to the electorate. Each and every elected official must give precedence to joint traction and a feisty fidelity to make things simple for those who voted them into power. The people want their elected representatives to be trouble-shooters as opposed to rabble-rousers. Elected representatives who meticulously survey their specific environments to find imaginative and practical ways to make life simple for those who trusted them into power; there is an urgent requirement to go back to basics. A move that will enhance people’s lives is a move towards plain and bare basic principles of simplicity.
The passport office in Harare is a precise definition of what deliberate intricacy and complexity entails. The downtrodden and dejected people who brave the Harare heat in the endless queues are citizens of this country for goodness sake! They deserve better than that! A trouble-shooting elected official representative has a responsibility to these despondent citizens to make their lives easier and more bearable. They are citizens for crying out loud! And it is their right to have that passport! It is only a passport at the end of the day! Paid for, by the way!
On another day, a 63 year old hard-working woman who spends 42 years of her life teaching and imparting knowledge and experience to countless young Zimbabweans walks into a ministry department to enquire about her pension. She is greeted by an apathetic and dispassionate receptionist whose paid role it seems was to make this selfless Zimbabwean pensioner unbearable. The hard-working Zimbabwean pensioner is abruptly and curtly dismissed with very little if any acknowledgement that she was required to complete a form. Fair enough.  And she politely and fearfully asks to complete the form which is right there in front of this receptionist. Alas, she was told to come back the next day to pick up the form! The form was right there in front of the lethargic and frosty receptionist!Advertisement

There is no clarification why she has to come back in the morning to complete a form that is right there which would serve her tired legs and equally tired wallet another journey into the centre of Harare. Just to make her near-destitute life easy that is all! That is all our elected official representatives are tasked to do! This is just one example of how simplicity is overwhelmed by inflexible intricacy and unnecessary complexity. Department after department this scenario is replicated in even more appalling and alarmingly inconceivable ways. It is very easy to continually hide behind the revolutionary record and the sanctions song yet eschew basic simple rules of making people’s lives easier! I am not saying that the elected official representative has to come down to this office and manage this receptionist directly. But senior and middle management has to find creative and practical ways of cascading a culture of work, a culture of customer service and a culture of respect. This is exactly what happens when people are not managed. They take liberties and become very unproductive.
The sanctions that were indiscriminately imposed against Zimbabwe have played a significant part in making the lives of the people of this country insufferable and it is unfortunate that some citizens still agree with such dishonourable and immoral means geared towards a regime change agenda. The sanctions have had a weighty impact on crucial services and there has been a negative trickle-down to the continued impoverishment of peoples’ lives. However, we must not remain bogged in this sanctions quicksand. In a quicksand there are two options, you either find novel ways out or you sink. To be honest sinking is a more alluring option because it is the easier of the two. However in Zimbabwe, a country that is at the pinnacle of the literacy rate in Africa sinking is just not an option.
Zimbabwe is endowed with extraordinary people with spirit. A robust and buoyant spirit that is unsurpassed. It is that hardy Zimbabwean spirit that has sustained and elevated the country from the darkest depth of despair and despondency to the dizzy heights of positive expectancy. A nation of people who have continually been knocked back and down to the deepest end of bottom but still have resiliently and repeatedly fought their way back up with unparalleled tenacity. As other African countries who have not endured even a quarter of what Zimbabwe went through descended into chaos and conflict, Zimbabweans have remained civil, respectful of one another, resolute and surprisingly united amid the political differences. A great nation topped with remarkably resilient people. A country I am proud to call my home.
The people of Zimbabwe aspire to efficient services top-down; that is all. Zimbabweans are the most hard-working, creative and innovative sons and daughters of Africa and clamour for systems and services that work, period! They want to live in a clean environment, cities that are pleasant to live in, clean and safe from crime, a police force that protects the populace as opposed to extracting bribes out of them, roads that are free from pot-holes, information and more information to reassure them if the simple services they require are not being provided.
That simple courteous acknowledgement to apprise is a sure way to endear elected officials with the grassroots. Indigenisation, empowerment, ownership and control of our abundant natural and mineral resources remains our number one priority but making citizens’ lives simple and easy is equally important. Our elected official representatives have a duty and responsibility to the expectant electorate and must hit the ground running otherwise 2018 spells doom for my beloved revolutionary party.
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