POLAD member promises US$20k compensation for households affected by colonisation in manifesto

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

POLITICAL Actors Dialogue (POLAD) member and Nationalist Alliance for Patriots (NAP) leader, Devine Muhambi Hove is proposing a US$20 000 compensation for all rural households which were affected by colonization and the subsequent liberation war.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo Tuesday, Hove said if elected in the forthcoming elections, the NAP government will prioritizes rural people, indigenous businesses and lodgers.

“We have a radical and strategic economic plan that we want to implement. Our manifesto is crafted around this three groups of people. People came to town due to circumstances created systematically by whites.

“Because we are all privy to the knowledge that the colonialists process that happened destabilized the lives  of our natives from their economy as well as the protracted liberation war, there is need for the people to be restituted in the form of compensation,” said Hove.

The NAP president who is also POLAD’s International Relations and Re-engagement Committee vice chairperson  said the compensation model which his party is advocating for is different from the current liberation war  participation compensation implemented by the government.

“We are saying should we have the ability to either influence government or be in government, we need to look at the issue of compensation and this compensation is not based on  other criteria that are being used now.

“We believe that every rural homestead should be compensated for that reality of colonization. So our first and starting point is that every rural homestead should be given US$20 000 which is not negotiable,” he said.

Hove also ruled out any coalition with other political parties ahead of the polls.

“We can only have a coalition with people who share the same vision with what we want to achieve because coalitions only translates to seats in parliament. So if the coalition is to the effect that the ideology which we are pushing is achieved then its fine.

“But if the idea is to then say, we want to gang up so that we defeat another political party then the answer will be no. We do not want to be in a coalition which is targeted for a political party,” said Hove.

The POLAD member also indicated that he will participate in the presidential elections but decried the exorbitant nomination fees.