POLAD Members To Globe-Trot Calling For Sanctions Removal

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By Leopold Munhende

POLITICAL Actors and Leaders Dialogue (POLAD) members are set to travel across Africa, Europe and other countries demanding the immediate removal of western imposed sanctions and for Zimbabwe to be re-admitted into the global family of nations.

This was announced Wednesday by Foreign Affairs deputy minister David Musabayana while speaking on the sidelines of the launch of Zimbabwe Europe Partnership Support (ZEPA) programme.

He said his ministry was conducting briefing sessions with POLAD members who will embark on the foreign travels.

“The Foreign Affairs Ministry was just coming in to facilitate international engagements that POLAD members will have when they cross our borders,” Musabayana said.

At least 18 fringe opposition party leaders who participated in the 2018 presidential elections, joined Zanu PF in forming the political grouping.

“If they are going out, they need Foreign Affairs briefing so that they know the playing ground wherever they are going. I am not sure about the dates, those specific details will be with POLAD members,” he said.

Zimbabwe has been under Western imposed sanctions since 2001 when it embarked on its controversial land reform programme.
Musabayana could not divulge who among POLAD members would be travelling on these international tours or who was footing the bill expected to run into thousands of dollars in foreign currency, urging the team to talk to POLAD conveners.

Last December during a tour to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s farm in Kwekwe, POLAD members demanded that the government should fund the grouping and establish offices and a secretariat for them.

They also demanded monthly allowances and vehicles. Mnangagwa agreed to some of their demands.

Early this month, the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols said the restrictive measure imposed on Zimbabwe would remain in place until Mnangagwa’s administration implemented the necessary political and economic reforms, which are key to restoring the troubled country’s democracy and prosperity.