Police Allow Chamisa To Launch MDC’s Agenda 2020

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By Staff Reporter

POLICE Sunday afternoon allowed MDC President Nelson Chamisa to launch his much anticipated State of the Nation Agenda (SONA) 2020 mini-rally at Stodart Hall in Mbare, Harare Tuesday.

The launch was blocked last week after Chamisa had made arrangements to hold the launch at Mai Musonzi Hall also in Mbare.

Police said they were overwhelmed as schools were opening for the first term of 2020. This forced an angry Chamisa to go on Twitter and announce that he would defy any future attempts by the police to ban his public gatherings.

“ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We have exhausted all channels. We cannot continue to be victims of the law. Rights are for all. On Tuesday (21 January, 2020) we will deliver the people’s Agenda 2020 to the nation come what may #peoplesgovernment,” he said.

However, the MDC Harare provincial chairperson, Wellington Chikombo confirmed Sunday that his party had been granted permission to hold the launch.

“I am happy to inform you that police have cleared our Presidential SONA to be addressed by none other than President N Chamisa on Tuesday in Mbare at Stodart (Hall),” Chikombo said.

According to MDC Deputy Spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, SONA is MDC plan of action for 2020.

“From here, the tempo of our democratic struggle rises. President Chamisa will be laying bare to the people of Zimbabwe our cogent plan of action, our cogent plan in order of prosecution of the democratic struggle and programme of action of how we are going to reclaim the people’s struggle,” he said.