Police brutality: Biti blasts ‘Mnangagwa nonsense’

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By Leopold Munhende

MDC Vice President Tendai Biti has described Wednesday’s brutal disruption of party President Nelson Chamisa’s Harare address to his supporters as nonsensical and a typical President Emmerson Mnangagwa move to suppress opposition activities.

“We say no to fascism, we say no to madness. SADC must be watching this. Mrs. Tax must be watching, President (South African Cyril) Ramaphosa must be watching this,” said Biti Wednesday while speaking to journalists outside the MDC HQ.

“We do not want this nonsense. This is a typical Mnangagwa move.”

Biti’s comments followed chaotic events earlier in the day when truckloads of anti-riot police descended on Chamisa’s Hope of the Nation Address (HONA) Wednesday, beating up and injuring dozens of party supporters.

Ordinary citizens were also caught up in the skirmishes.

The police details were under supervision by the Officer Commanding Harare District Oscar Mugomeri.

They wantonly beat up civilians including old women.

Police had also descended on civilians in Harare’s teeming downtown area.

About 25 civilians were reported injured.

This included an elderly man who had blood gushing from his head after he was struck with a baton stick.

Some of those caught up in the violence were later admitted at a private hospital in Harare.

The brutal police reaction elicited strong condemnation from the MDC, civil society and further spotlighted on President Mnangagwa’s half-hearted commitment to restoring the country back to good leadership.