Police Commissioner-General talks tough on pirate taxis to curb Easter accidents 

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By Staff Reporter 

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is ramping up security measures for this  long Easter weekend to ensure public safety and reduce fatal traffic accidents, particularly those caused by outlawed pirate taxis.

A total of 30 people died in 288 road accidents recorded over the 2023 Easter period, compared to 72 who died in 264 accidents during the same period in 2022.

ZRP Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga announced in a statement that it will undertake a cocktail of measures to ensure safety of the populace during the holiday.

Among the measures undertaken by the police is the clampdown on illegal pirate taxis commonly known as mushikashika.

“As the country braces for the Easter holidays, the Zimbabwe Republic Police takes this opportunity to assure Zimbabweans and visitors that police deployments have been enhanced to curb crime and road traffic accidents.

“My office has implored police commanders across the country to take decisive action against illegal pirate taxis or mushikashika and buses which are not licensed or authorised to carry passengers from one point to another.

“Therefore, no pirate taxis or buses with no permits will be allowed to pass through police checkpoints and roadblocks,” said Matanga.

Pirate taxis have been a menace on the roads resulting in accidents.

Matanga also implored bus operators to implement speed limiting systems on their fleet to curb accidents as a result.

“May I take this opportunity to urge other bus operators who are yet to join or implement the speed limit mechanism to do so for the effective maintenance of law and order in the country and the safety of travellers,” he said.

He also added that parents and guardians should guard their school children from the scourge of drug and substance abuse.

“As schoolchildren undertake social activities during this holiday, parents should guide and properly monitor them to curb cases of drug and substance abuse. Police officers will patrol both residential, industrial and shopping centres to ensure drug peddlers are brought to book.

“My office has also directed officers commanding police provinces to ensure that liquor outlets fully comply with the provisions of the Liquor Act. In this, all unlicensed liquor outlets, including shebeens, will be closed while the operators will be arrested for the law to take its course.”