Police Search For ‘Subversive Weapons’ At MDC Alliance Midlands Offices

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By Staff Reporter

POLICE recently invaded MDC Alliance offices in Gweru in search of what the law enforcement agents termed subversive material in the form of weapons.

The opposition party’s provincial spokesperson Takavafira Zhou confirmed to this publication the recent invasion describing it as puzzling.

“MDC Alliance Midlands Provincial leaders are puzzled by the intrusion by police at the Gweru provincial office on warped excuses of searching for subversive weapons.

“For government to give police a search warrant for subversive weapons at a democratic party office is the worst of lunacy, if not ludicrous hallucination of the worst order.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are a peaceful and democratic party,” Zhou said in an interview.

He reiterated his party was peace loving.

“The only thing that has always greeted ill-informed state agents and will continue to greet all those sent on a wild goose chase is nothing but flowers,” he said.

He added that the search must not be a ploy to plant weapons at the opposition offices.

“We however hope that the search is not necessarily a ploy to either plant subversive gadgets at the office or study the set up at the office in order to assist MDC- T to unlawfully seize the MDC Alliance party office.

“We are aware of the African proverb that ‘when a leopard wanted to eat its young ones, it first accused them of smelling like a goat’,” Zhou said.

He vowed his party was going to defend its office.

“As much as we are a peaceful party, we would use all democratic means available to defend our party offices in Midlands province.

“No amount of Zanu PF assistance to MDC-T would take our offices.

“The government must be reminded that it cannot weaken the strong by strengthening the weak, nor strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

“Our commitment to change Zimbabwean government by democratic and peaceful means has remained our guiding principle since 1999.

“Under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we are confident that we will complete the change that save and other democrats initiated in Zimbabwe in 1999,” Zhou said.