Police still to investigate August ZCTU gun attack – says union boss

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By Staff Reporter

POLICE have yet to visit the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Harare head offices nearly three months after a gun attack which saw staff member barely escaping with their lives, it has emerged.

Union leaders on Sunday told the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 post-election violence that although a report was immediately filed with the police, they were not aware of any investigations into the attack.

Led by former South Africa president Kgalema Motlanthe, the Commission is probing the deadly August 1 clashes in central Harare which left six people dead.

The fatalities occurred after soldiers swopped into the city centre shooting at opposition activists who were protesting the results of the July 30 elections.

According to the ZCTU, the soldiers “pumped bullets” the federations’ Gorlon House head offices, shattering windows and injuring two staff members.

ZCTU president Peter Mutasa told the commission that although a report was filed with the ZRP, police have not visited their offices to investigate the attack.

A security guard with ZCTU Joseph Chuma injured by broken glass during the shooting showed the Commission a bullet casings he claimed to have picked up on the day of the shooting.

Commission’s secretary Virginia Mabiza then challenged him about keeping the cartridges instead of handing it over the to police.

Chuma explained; “We made a report in the hope that police were going to make a follow-up on the matter, but they have not done so.

“If they had attended the scene, we could have given them the bullet casing.”

Mabiza then told Chuma to attend Monday’s hearing to “testify under oath” after which the Commission took the cartridges.

ZCTU president Mutasa initially refused to hand over the cartridge but, later changed his mind and handed them over after serial numbers were recorded.

Meanwhile, apart from the labour federation’s offices, commissioners also visited the former Ximex Mall area (now City Council car park) and Zanu PF headquarters for indications and observations.

Hearings will continue in Harare Monday with the police and the army expected to testify.