Police Summon Zanu PF Youths Over Makonde DCC Violence

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By James Muonwa

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reportedly summoned some Zanu PF youths who were involved in last weekend’s intra-party violence which saw police fire tear-smoke to disperse the rampaging party functionaries.

Sources close to the development said youths loyal to Information deputy minister and party hawk, Kindness Paradza were picked up from the politician’s Makonde constituency Monday and were, by Tuesday, still assisting police with investigations.

Also, rioters from the opposing camp were called in for questioning Tuesday at Chinhoyi Central Police Station’s Law and Order section.

Contacted for comment by, national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi asked for time to confirm the latest developments regarding the matter from his subordinates in Chinhoyi.

“I would have to check with the guys in Chinhoyi tomorrow morning since it’s now late into the day (check with me) any time after 9 O’clock,” said Nyathi Tuesday night.

However, one of the summoned youth leaders, who requested anonymity, told he was surprised to be told by police that he was being treated as a suspect when he was not involved in the skirmishes that broke out last Saturday.

“I am actually coming from the police station where l was questioned over the weekend violence, yet l was not part of it. They said l was likely an accused person.

“I understand a youth from Muvhami or somewhere there from Paradza’s militia gang is being detained.”

Added the source, “There are also other Zanu PF youths summoned who were part of the fracas against Paradza’s gang, including two ladies,” said the source.

Last Saturday, an armed gang linked to Paradza, who is Zanu PF Makonde DCC chairman, clashed with fellow Zanu PF youths who accuse him of protecting a suspected ‘G40’ spy.

Paradza has courted controversy within the revolutionary party for allegedly shielding youth secretary Ketty Chanetsa from sanctions for alleged misdeeds.

Since the recent signing of a petition against Chanetsa, Makonde DCC has witnessed simmering tensions.

Last weekend, police fired tear smoke to quell the riotous situation that unfolded as beleaguered Paradza convened the ill-fated meeting of 45 Zanu PF DCC chairpersons from Chinhoyi constituency.

The deputy minister was escorted from the venue by armed police officers as rival youths threatened violence against him.

Chinhoyi Public Service Training Centre was turned into a war zone as the deputy minister’s militia gang armed with machetes, stones, beer bottles and a spear, arrived aboard his black party-issued double-cab truck before unleashing violence.

They were, however, subdued by the predominantly Chinhoyi-based youths who are demanding Chanetsa’s removal, arguing they seconded her to the post hence could recall her.

Chanetsa, whom Paradza seeks to protect, was recently barred from attending the organ’s inaugural meeting held at the same venue for being a “G40 sell-out.”

She is accused of leaking party information to social media personality Gugu Ncube a.k.a “Dr Amai”, who in turn allegedly uses it to denigrate the party and its leadership on social media platforms.

Chanetsa also faces charges of fomenting divisions, holding unsanctioned meetings, gossiping, maligning and blackmailing senior party leaders.

She is also accused of faking her abduction by party colleagues during the emotive DCC elections last December, thereby putting the party’s name into disrepute.