Police Threaten Dire Action Against Defiant Kombi Operators

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By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned of dire action against private commuter omnibus operators who continue to ferry passengers against a government directive to stop.

This comes after government has banned private commuter transporters operating outside its ZUPCO franchise.

In a statement Thursday, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi also accused the defiant operators of violating Covid-19 regulations through overloading their vehicles.

“The Zimbabwe Republic police is warning kombi operators not to cram people in their kombis as witnessed this morning in some parts of Harare and Bulawayo.

“Drivers are not putting on face masks, not practising social distancing and putting four passengers at the front seat. The police will take stern action against such offenders,” Nyathi said.

The police spokesperson said only kombis contracted to the Zupco franchise were allowed to operate.

He further warned members of the public not to cry foul when the law takes its course.

Said Nyathi, “Above all, only kombis contracted to the Zupco franchise are allowed to ferry passengers. The public should not cry foul when the law takes its course.

“All kombis without proper windscreen and panels, which have placed cardboard boxes will be impounded. Police officers have been directed to take action, accordingly, let us take heed of this warning.”

Government has insisted that only those that are registered to operate under the Zupco franchise are eligible to operate.

This is despite transport challenges that continue being faced by the ordinary majority following the ban.