Police To Arrest Councillors For Issuing Fake Travel Letters 

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By Anna Chibamu

POLICE Commissioner General Godwin Matanga has threatened to arrest several councillors this week amid accusations of illegally issuing travel exemption letters to some members of the public.

The police chief said the councillors have no authority to issue any exemption letters and have to be arrested.

Matanga was giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care Tuesday.

“I now have evidence that there are sitting councillors who are authorising people to go into the central business district (CBD) but according to instructions I got during this exercise, councillors have no right to write those letters,” he said.

“Before the end of this week, I want to lock two or three councillors so that we present that as an example. Maybe this committee can help those in need of letters as I cannot take my discretion.”

Matanga said those issued with travel letters by the councillors were also suspected to be engaging in anti-government activities.

He said under Covid-19 regulations, it was as only selected companies, directors, ministries at headquarters, provincial and district levels who had the authority to issue travel letters under Covid-19 regulations.

Police have arrested thousands of people for breaching lockdown rules since 30 March.

This week, there were tighter restrictions at roadblocks leading into city centres across the country.