Police To Impound Unregistered Vehicles

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By Costa Nkomo

POLICE Tuesday warned motorists owning vehicles without permanent registration plates they risked having their vehicles impounded with immediate effect as part of purposes aimed as maintaining law and order in the country.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi advised vehicle owners with no permanent registration plates to approach the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) and purchase them for US$80.

“In this regard, all vehicle owners who are displaying temporary plates for 2019 and backwards are implored to visit Central Vehicle Registry offices and acquire the permanent plates with immediate effect,” Nyathi said.

“Any vehicles seen on the road without displaying number plates will therefore be impounded by police officers on roadblocks and checkpoints.”

Nyathi added: “The Central Vehicle Registry has advised the police that the permanent plates are costing US$80.00. Motorists are urged to be exemplary on the roads and ensure they drive vehicles which are legally registered for the effective maintenance of law and order in the country.”

However, motorists have been crying foul over failure by the CVR to make available the registration plates due to foreign currency shortages.

Early this year, Transport Minister Joel Biggie Matiza gave an order to importers of vehicles who had been unable to register the cars owing to a shortage of number plates to obtain Temporary Identification Cards (TICs) for indefinite use as the government worked on addressing the matter.