Political Violence: CCC questions police silence on law breaking Zanu PF supporters

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By Chief Correspondent 

THE opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has questioned delays by the police in dealing with politically motivated threats and acts of violence against its supporters by ruling Zanu PF members.

Party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, Monday demanded that police investigate and act on rising cases, which it has continuously promised to do without results, including comments by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga that they be crushed like lice.

Her statements came after violent scenes in Matobo’s Ward 6 where party members were waylaid and attacked by Zanu PF youths, property destroyed, and food stolen.

We call for a police investigation into the violence that took place and for the perpetrators to brought to book. We have made a police report and we expect it to be taken seriously,” said Mahere.

“Numerous incidents of violence where known Zanu PF perpetrators have not been brought to book.

“Abton Mashayanyika was caught on video saying, Chamisa must be killed, everyone knows of the top Zanu PF official who called for the CCC to be crushed like lice. 

“Police have a constitutional duty to investigate crime and secure lives and property of citizens.”

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) indicated it was investigating Mashayanyika, the same way it announced investigations of the Matobo incidences which have been reported by both CCC and Zanu PF.

“The ZRP is seized with reports of violent skirmishes which occurred in Matobo on 16 October 2022. reports of assault and violence have been received from both Zanu PF and CCC members.

“Investigations are now in progress with a view of accounting for all suspects involved,” said ZRP spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

Meanwhile, the CCC party has since written to SADC on the matter according to Mahere.

“We have written to regional actors,” she said.

“As we speak, a dossier of all the political violence that has been perpetrated by Zanu PF is before SADC. We have formally written to them.”