Political vultures target deputy minister Machakaire

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By Staff Reporter

A grouping of political vultures are targeting to destroy Sport, Arts and Recreation minister Tino Machakaire after their efforts to extort him failed, it has emerged.

They are using social media hawks to smear his name and affect his chances of further political success.

The socialites are hired to peddle falsehoods about his political and social life in a bid to bring him down.

The politicians, some who have been visiting his offices requesting for money, have reportedly enlisted the assistance of out of sorts Zimbabwe socialite Tatelicious (real name Tatenda Karigambe) in trying to tarnish Machakaire’s image.

Tatelicious, who is based abroad, is given to making uncensured claims about influential people and is now claiming the deputy minister was romantically involved with comedians Mai TT and Anna Honde.

Tatelicious also claimed that Machakaire had tried her luck on Bona Mugabe, albeit without giving evidence to back her claims.

Both Mai TT and Bona have since dismissed the claims as “rubbish”.

According to sources privy to the goings on in the revolutionary party, said Machakaire had become a “cash-cow” for fading politicians before the politicians pulled a stop to the demands of most of them.

“There are several senior politicians who survived on handouts from young politicians who have vibrant businesses, so when they don’t get what they used to get, it becomes a problem,” a Zanu PF source said.

Another source believes Machakaire is being targeted as a lot of blackmailing has been happening since the Zanu PF youth league conference.

“You might want to understand why socialites such as Tatelecious have joined the bandwagon to smear the character of Hon Machakaire, it’s all sponsored by those who hate the rise of young politicians,” said the source.

Machakaire declined to comment saying: “I have a lot of serious things to deal with than responding to nonsense.”