Polytechnics, teachers colleges given 48-hour ultimatum to allow payment of fees in local currency

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By Staff Reporter

Several Polytechnic Colleges, that include Harare Poly, and teacher training institutions have been given 48 hours to provide platforms for payment of fees in the local RTGS dollar.

Representing members of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), Kossam Ncube and Partners have written to identified colleges.

The institutions of higher learning stand accused of pegging fees in US dollars only against government policy which emphasises the use of the weaker but more accessible RTGS dollar.

“Your accounts department has been issuing invoices exclusively in United States Dollars and has provided only a USD account for payment of the fees, requiring that payments through the bank can only be made into that account.

“The position they have taken is that they are not accepting payments in Zimbabwean dollars. In essence, your institution is essentially requiring payment of fees exclusively in US dollars contrary to the laws of the land.

“May we, therefore, have clarification from yourselves regarding payments of fees exclusively in US dollars at your institution?

“Let us hear from you on the above within 48 hours of this letter, (failure of which) we shall pursue our remedies in terms of the law,” reads a letter to Harare Poly delivered on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe’s market is slowly rejecting the heavily devalued RTGS dollar which is now trading at US$1 to ZW$10,000 on the black market.

Informal traders and some small retailers in the southern parts of Zimbabwe are now rejecting the currency as a result of its failure to retain value.

The rejection has however affected ordinary citizens, civil servants especially, who earn in the local currency and have been forced to change it on Zimbabwe’s rampant street market.