Poptain, Anita publicity stunt blows up in their faces

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

ZIMDANCEHALL musicians Poptain and Anita Jackson are at each other’s throats backtracking on claims they were dating last year, a publicity stunt that has blown up in their faces and ruined their professional relationship.

This comes after Poptain said he never dated Anita who went public with their ‘relationship’.

He added that he had only played along as he has been advised by people, he thought had his best interests at heart. Poptain further said the claims by Anita were degrading to his wife.

In a social media post he wrote: “Those that followed me because of the stunt can proudly unfollow me. My conscious music cannot be diluted by drama. I still wanna lead a normal life, and I said sorry to my day one fans because I know the disappointment they had when I took this route.”

He added, “God knows I did not blame anyone. I said I wanna apologise to the fans for such a stunt. And above all, my woman deserves the clarity”.

In an interview, she however fired back at Poptain saying they had both agreed to the publicity stunt and she was not in a relationship by herself at that time.

Anita blasted Poptain for twisting the event and not owning up to the role he played in the stunt.