‘Potbelly’ MDC vice chair Sikhala dragged to gym

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

OPPOSITION MDC vice chairperson Job Sikhala who was ridiculed for his potbelly on social media last week has decided to go to the gym to lose weight.

A picture of Sikhala in a tight-fitting waist-coat caused a stir on social media including pot shots at his health.

But the ridicule seems to have worked in his favour after a local fitness house Hende Moto Health Care Systems offered his free gym sessions.

The gym’s brand ambassador Locadia Mbira declared Sikhala’s pot-belly will soon fit into the waistcoat.

“Honorable Sikhala is now going through sessions and I want to make sure that the same waist coat that could not fit him will soon fit.There won’t be any body shaming directed to him,” said Mbira.

Hende Moto Health Care Systems Devine Mafa said a health country produces better results,

“Sikhala is an important leader. Can you imagine we cannot afford to lose him with the way things are going. Five years from now he could be history and we cannot allow that,” Mafa said.

“He is so vital to the future of Zimbabwe and the future of the country and he must be health because he is a good man.”

Mafa said the MDC badly needs a fit Sikhala in possible political negotiations with rivals in Zanu PF.

“In addition, the opposition needs cadres like him to sit face to face with Zanu PF on the negotiating table he is a tough guy.

“And it an example to the entire country so that they can see him taking care of himself and take care of the country,” the fitness trainer said.

Sikhala has also seen various men’s executive clothing companies scrambling to dress him and some food outlets requesting turning to him to advertise their products.