‘Power Is Not Permanent’, Says Marry Mubaiwa To VP Ex-Husband

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa has reminded her powerful ex-husband that ‘power was not permanent’ after claiming abuse by the former military boss.

Mubaiwa, who has now resorted to social media to call for justice and protests, said she was willing to share her story with anyone as her ex-husband has become the ‘judge, jury and the executor’ in their matrimonial dispute.

The mother of three said what pained her most was that her children’s father was not staying with them despite claiming custody of them when the couple broke up.

Mubaiwa says Chiwenga was busy ‘shaking up with concubines at Chinese Kingsmead place in Borrowdale’.

“I miss my children so much, 17 months I have been shut out completely, subjected to imprisonment by my husband to keep me away, the judiciary is compromised, these are young children, power is not permanent,” marry posted on her twitter Thursday.

“I have not seen my children in 510 days which is the equivalent of 17 to18 months. I tried the procedure which must be taken. I found myself hitting a brick wall with the justice system supporting my husband to commit a crime. He said he is ‘judge, jury and the executor’.

“The hurtful part is the that he is not living with my children. He is here shaking up with concubines at Chinese Kingsmead place in Borrowdale.”

The former model also posted that it is ironic that Chiwenga attended the Roman Catholic church and partook the Holy Communion yet was an abuser.

“When you receive holy communion and lie to God about your intentions and you abuse the children you say you love by denying them access to their mother for 17months, who are you fooling, is God silent to hypocrites. The Beast and the Abused,” she said.

She also claims that her offices were broken in an attempt to intimidate her.

“My office wall in Highlands was broken down yesterday, no amount of intimidation will stop me from fighting for my children and properties.

“My equipment in Domboshava is being looted by armed military personnel,” she said.