PRAZ boss on licencing, ethics in procurement processes

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi    

PROCUREMENT officers and bidders have both been urged to engage in ethical behaviour during procurement processes.

Speaking during the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ)’s virtual Summer School Thursday, board chair Vimbai Nyemba said the integrity and professionalisation issues will be completely addressed once the Professionalisation Regulations are Gazetted and this is at an advanced stage.

“As a bidder, should you be aggrieved, the PPDPA Act provides for an efficient, fair and transparent public procurement by providing a three-tier challenge system,” Nyemba said.

“Bidders may approach the procuring entity first at any stage of the procurement process.

“After the Accounting Officer determination and if the bidder is still aggrieved, there is a provision to escalate the matter to the Authority.

“The Authority shall therefore constitute a Review Panel to determine the challenge.”

Nyemba added, “The Act therefore provides for fairness to the bidder which was not covered in the repealed Procurement Act [Chapter 22:14].

“We therefore expect bidders to embrace the PPDPA Act [Chapter 22:23] and Regulations so that should you have grievances, you know the process and channels to report to.

“Those that are engaged in public procurement will be licensed and there will be punitive measures for the unethical practitioners.”

The PRAZ board chair also said this will make officials involved in public procurement more accountable.

“I am sure this is very good news to the private sector who are our bidders as it will make officials involved in public procurement be more accountable to their decisions by being transparent and upholding ethical standards of their profession,” she said.

“As PRAZ, we are open for business, if you have any issues that you strongly feel need to be escalated to the Authority, you may kindly approach PRAZ through its Management.

“The Authority’s Management is receptive to your constructive criticism, ideas and contributions that will ensure a smooth public procurement system prevails in the country.”