Premier Service Medical Investments: Q & A

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Question and Answer with Obey Nhakura PSMI Senior Manager Business Performance Measurement


We are joined by the PSMI Senior Manager Business Performance Measurement, Obey Nhakura. As you may be aware, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in loss of millions of lives across the whole world, putting the healthcare service providers at the front line to contain the scourge, the healthcare industry worldwide has witnessed a number of changes in response to the pandemic, and thus we need to find out how PSMI is coping with the new normal.

Obey, welcome to the programme.

Question: Who is PSMI?

Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI) is a Private Limited Company duly registered under the Zimbabwe Companies Act Chapter 24:03.  PSMI is a healthcare institution specializing in healthcare service provision and committed to the preservation of life and facets that contribute to the well-being of a person.  Since its inception in 2003, PSMI has grown from an initial 3 centres to the current 152 centres across all 10 Provinces in the country with its Operations structured into five (5) Divisions as follows;

  • Diagnostics Division
  • Healthcare Divisions
  • Integrated Family Healthcare Centres Division
  • Hospitals Division
  • Retail Division

The theme for this year’s ZITF is showcasing the new normal for Business and Industry: Realities and Opportunities.

There are a number of realities PSMI has been confronted with in this new normal;

  1. How has PSMI managed to safeguard patient access especially during lockdowns and curfews which are restricting people movement.
  • Dial A Doc
  • Home delivery of medication
  • Home Visits
  1. People are now required to either produce Covid-19 testing certificates or even vaccination cards to access certain services or board a plane to travel. How is PSMI dealing with such requirements?
  • PCR and Antigen Testing services on or off premises including drive throughs.
  • Counselling
  • Training and information dissemination through Practitioners.
  1. Covid-19 brought about demand for specific treatment facilities for positive patients owing to the virulent nature of the condition. What has PSMI done so far to complement Government efforts in increasing treatment Centres for positive patients?
  • 169 Fife Ave Covid-19 treatment and stabilisation Centre
  • Hospital Admissions at WEH
  • Expansion into Gweru – Claybank, Bulawayo-Hillside and Shashi Bindura.
  • Retailing of prescribed medication and consumables to manage patients such as pulse oximeters for both inpatients an outpatients.
  1. How is PSMI handling the sudden demand and costs for PPE in healthcare setups brought about by the need to adequately protect both the practitioners and patients in times of Covid-19?
  • In-house manufacturing of sanitisers
  • Partnership production of PPE trays – Cap, Gown, Head Cover, N-95 masks, overshoes, etc. packed for an individual to avoid cross contamination if the items and mixed in one storage container.
  1. How do people pay for services at PSMI?
  • Medical Aid
  • Cash
  • All payment platforms
  • Diaspora Healthcare facilities
  1. Your parting note: All services under one roof for customer convenience.

Thank you