President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe open for business, foreign investment safe

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has guaranteed safety for all foreign investments and called on the international community to give his new administration a chance and hold in abeyance debts the country owes.
In his inaugural speech, Mnangagwa told a packed stadium and foreign dignitaries that his administration wants to return Zimbabwe to the family of nations.
“As President of Zimbabwe, I will take steps to settle our debts. All foreign investment will be safe in Zimbabwe,” said Mnangagwa.
“Today the Republic of Zimbabwe enters the second phase of its birth. We emerge to fully affirm our belonging to the family of nations. We harbour no ill will and belligerent intentions against any other nation,” Mnangagwa said to rapturous applause.
He said Zimbabwe was under his government reaffirming its commitment to Sadc, the African Union and the UN.
Indicating his wish to undertake a massive reform agenda, Mnangagwa called for patience from the international community. He added that his administration will seek to thaw relations with countries that former President Robert Mugabe has rubbed the wrong way.
“I stand here today, to say that our country is ready for a sturdy re-engagement program with all nations of the world.
“We ask those who have punished us in the past to reconsider their economic and political sanctions against us. Whatever misunderstandings may have subsisted in the past, let these make way to new beginnings which sees us relating to one another in multi-layered, mutually beneficial as equal and reciprocal dependent partners,” said Mnangagwa.
“Of course our resources remain sparse, especially at this stage when we face a myriad of pressures, but we count on the goodwill of those we owe to give us a chance. We remain committed to honouring the debts and to enter into new relationships”.
Mnangagwa also promised to crack the whip on errant and lazy civil servants declaring it cannot be business as usual.
He said each worker needs to begin to earn their money.
“To our civil servants it cannot be business as usual. You now have to roll up your sleeves in readiness to deliver. We have an economy to recover (and) a people to serve. Each and every one of us must now earn their hour, day, week and month at work.
“Gone are the days of absenteeism and desultory application, days of unduly delaying and forestalling decisions and services in the hope of extorting dirty rewards. Those days are over,” vowed the new President.Advertisement

He said to this end his government will adopt a policy of flexibility into the system “so that government does not become a huge, ponderous stumbling block to decisions that must be made and communicated expeditiously”.
“The culture in government just has to change, unseating those little ‘gods’ idly sitting in public offices, for a busy, emphatic civil service that Zimbabwe surely deserves,” said Mnangagwa.
The president also chillingly promised to go after corrupt officials demanding a stop to the practice adding there will be “swift, swift, swift justice”.