Presidential contender promises unemployment benefits; says ‘this is serious, not bullet trains’

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION United Democracy Alliance (UDA) leader Danial Shumba says, if elected into power, he will make sure that all unemployed Zimbabweans above the age of 18 get the unemployment benefits equivalent to the poverty datum line.

The former Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Masvingo Urban constituency made the pledge while launching his new political party in Chitungwiza last week.

Shumba said the Zanu PF government had never thought about supporting the unemployed because its leaders concentrated on looting the country.

“We are the only party in the country that wants to uplift the lives of suffering citizens,” he told a handful of supporters gathered at the launch event.

“We are going to be introducing something that Zanu PF has never thought about and, if they are here, they are hearing it for the first time.

“We are going to introduce what we call the Basic Income Grant so that each and every child who is 18 years and above will be entitled to receiving equal the amount of poverty datum line.”

He added; “And this is a serious matter, it’s not like bullet trains.

“We are going to use our mineral levies to contribute to the Basic Income Grant that will go towards our citizens.

“But people will be registered so that they can be tracked because as soon as you are employed you go off that grant so that it becomes sustainable.”

Shumba said the Zanu PF government was not doing enough to facilitate youth development programmes.   

“In UDA we are going to ensure that we form an agency of the youths to engage the government, to engage with private sector, to engage with society at large because it is time for government to listen to the youths not to tell the youths what to do.

“We are also going to be introducing venture capital funds for our youths. Graduates will be able to take their proposal to those funds to run their enterprises and become entrepreneurs of the future.

“More of this will be in our manifesto, we have deliberately stopped realising our manifesto early because we know Zanu PF are good at plagiarism manifestos.  

Zimbabweans, the UDA leader added, were walloping in poverty because of Zanu PF over the last four decades.

“We are going to quarantine our gold in Zimbabwe and ensure that we have sufficient gold in our vaults to cause us to introduce our gold-based currency,” he told the supporters.

“Zimbabwe is the only country in the world that has plenty of the precious mineral than any other, but it is being plundered by the current government.”