Prison awaits ex-President Bill Clinton after child sex claims

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By Nomazulu Thata       

ACCORDING to unsealed documents belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell, former US president Bill Clinton is cited as one of the paedophiles who visited the Paedophile island belonging to Geffrey Epstein.

Just when we thought it was disgusting for Clinton to deny any relationship with Monica Lewinsky, information reveals that he visited the island more than twenty times.

That he visited the island for sexual pleasures is obvious for all, Clinton’s sex activities are his hobby, his j*ystick will not rest as long as he lives. Bill Clinton is seriously addicted to sex: but sex with young under-aged children is totally disgusting.

We still await court processes that will uncover any information relating to sexual intercourse he allegedly had with under-aged girls. Surely, if the courts could prove the allegations, we shall see the whole former president of a superpower such as the United States of America go to prison over nothing less embarrassing than having sexual intercourse with children.

If indeed he was found guilty of paedophilic acts, pleasuring himself with underaged vaginal carnal, he will not be spared from long time imprisonment. The justice system in the US is functionally good compared to our third-world systems that are open to manipulation by the rich and powerful.

Child sex abuse should be classified as a serious crime against humanity. It is not a wonder that China has stricter penalties when it comes to child sex.

Geffrey Epstein is dead. We still have Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew who are going to face justice and will be charged if found guilty. We still have Prince Andrew who will face prison if found guilty of pleasuring himself with under-aged Virginia Roberts.

Clinton’s paedophilic case will be a big success to girls and women in third world countries. It will send shock waves across the globe: those who were in Epstein’s paedophile ring will never find sleep again. They are anguished and wondering among themselves as to who would be next after Bill Clinton. It appears there are hundreds of them who used this loose end for extra sex, apparently pleasurable than their own sex lives with their wives in posh homes.

Women in Zimbabwe should also find courage to come out in the open and tell it all who abused them when they were underaged and vulnerable.

They were sexually abused by men they trusted most, men who gave them food and drink and later demanded they reciprocate in the most unorthodox of ways.

If one girl gains some courage, comes out and narrates her sex ordeals, it will give other girls courage to reveal their own harrowing experiences in the hands of sex pests.

We know and it is common knowledge in our societies these poor cousins and nieces who stay with relatives to get education in most cases, pay the highest price. It is not easy for an under-aged girl to report sex abuse to her immediate relative or parents. Most men know the challenges young girls are confronted with to report this and they take advantage of the culture of silence to abuse them.

It is the same pattern in USA. Paedophiles target young girls from poor backgrounds. This is the nauseating thing to comprehend. They are incorporated under the false claims the victims would be valuable members of the family.

Victims go on to be assigned to domestic chores, eliminating the need to employ the maid. But they find themselves having to deal with sexual demands of the uncle who is breadwinner in most cases. These poor girls are introduced to early sexual intercourse.

They are subjected to the most adventurous and demeaning sexual experiences which the abusers hardly get from their wives.

At an early age, young under-aged girls are subjected to pornography by abusive uncles and male relatives. Without experiences of watching pornography, conventional sex is challenging for a lot of men.

During the ordeals, young and vulnerable victims are ordered to perform oral sex, anal sex and similar physically and emotionally demeaning stunts.

Zimbabwe is a country that abhors anal sex by homosexuals and yet it has become common practice. A poor girl is the pure pleasure and adventure of these paedophiles in our societies.

Does this now make sense why Bill Clinton visited the paedophile island several times! Pizzas and ice cream are used to both entice and pay young girls living in posh suburbs of Bulawayo and Harare.

We talk about sexual abuse on children because we know the consequences it has on the future lives of abused girls. As activists, this is the central point of our cause. We are aware of the psychological trauma they suffer later on in their lives is unimaginable.

African societies refute post-traumatic-stress-disorder also called Complex- PTSD as diseases African women cannot suffer from. Depression or PTSD is dismissed with contempt. These are diseases for Caucasians and not Africans. It is not so; we African women do suffer serious effects of child sexual abuse. We suffer the same symptoms of sex abuse like all other women globally.

We experience a range of emotions including brain fog, anger of helplessness, we were too young to defend ourselves: anger of not being believed that you have been sexually abused by all of them, the father and his sons.

We are rebuked and ostracised by family members for talking about it. Some will say, “It was not painful enough, because if it was, she would remain silent about it and not talk about it so openly.”

We feel dirty just by talking about it. It does not matter how long ago it happened. We feel humiliated when we are told to keep the family secrets out of the World Wide Web: WWW. We are now saying we are fully equipped to talk about it now and nobody will silence me!  Again, for saying this, we are told, “how immature”! A cultured African woman should keen the secret for the rest of her life. Who are you to talk about it anyway?

But because flashbacks are a daily occurrence, nobody in their normal senses can tell us to shut up to cover up crimes against humanity because they happened in homes with beautiful morals. The danger of remaining silent is real. The abuse of alcohol to warm you up turbulences in your inward is real.

Alcohol will reduce tremors and feeling of loss of the soul, challenges you must deal with every day. It is worse still if you have offspring, you cannot even commit suicide and leave your child behind.

The older you become, the deeper the depression, but one is old enough assist women in the same situation. Talking about it did not mean you are healing. There is no healing is early child sex abuse, it is a situation whereby one lives with it the rest of her life. The trick is how to cope with the trauma every day.

Daily situations trigger the sad events and memories back. It could be the smell of something that reminds the smell of sex abuse on a particular day. Someone can say something innocently without knowing the background of your sex abuse as a child.

If someone touches you, you tend to react to it, and people are taken aback. “Oh, what has happened!”

You know the smell and his breath vividly, that will never escape you for the rest of your life. All memories and events come back vividly. But an African “child” is supposed to cope with it and never say a word because it is “immature” to talk about child sex abuse taking place in our beautiful moral homes, in our beautiful moral societies.

You embarrass the Christian homes and you drag the name of the family through the mire, think about the dirty linen. Who has ever given a thought about the Complex Post Traumatic disorders African girls suffer from?

The prison sentencing of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, if found guilty can have a catharsis effect, a cleansing effect on survivors of child sex violence by sexual predators some are yet to be known global dignitaries of who will be exposed with time.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre has become a symbol of child sex trafficking. She should be applauded because she will assist millions of women globally who have been put to silence by their cultures of silence.

We say kudos to you Virginia: you are amazing! We are gaining courage to say, “it cannot go on like it never happened.” We are going to say it! Yes, it happened and I seek justice: period!