Prison inmate gets 10 more years for sodomising cell mate

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By Staff Reporter

Masvingo: An inmate at Mutimurefu maximum prison took advantage of the darkness in prison cells and pricked a fellow inmate with a sharp shoe sewing needle before sodomising him on different occasions.

The culprit, Elias Chikomo was serving five years for robbery and for his new offence, he was slapped with an additional 10 years.

Three years of his sentence was conditionally suspended, leaving him with an effective seven year jail term.

Chikomo initially denied the charge when he appeared before a Masvingo magistrate Dambudzo Malunga.

He was however convicted after a full trial which saw three witnesses, all inmates, giving overwhelming evidence that he sexually abused a cell mate.

Prosecutor Richard Nyamuomba told court that on unknown dates this year, and around midnight when there was no electricity at the prison cells, Chikomo slipped out of his blankets and went to his fellow inmate, who is 23.

Court heard that Chikomo used a shoe sewing needle to prick his victim to submit to the sodomy.

Court was further told that Chikomo used the same modus operandi several times to force himself on the victim.

Three other cell mates were also threatened with unspecified action if they tried to stop Chikomo.

The matter came to light when the victim fell sick and visited the prison clinic where he opened up on the abuses.