Pro-Mnangagwa opposition leader blasts Chamisa over protest

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

AN opposition politician has lashed out at Nelson Chamisa for the latter’s spirited attempt to delegitimise President Emmerson Mnangagwa when the MDC leader in fact endorsed the State president unintentionally.

Speaking to Saturday, New Patriotic Front (NPF) vice president Welcome Shumba said the question of Mnangagwa’s legitimacy or lack of, was now a closed chapter.

Shumba once stunned Zimbabweans when he openly boasted about some luxuries afforded to him and colleagues by the State leader who had booked opposition leaders into hotels during an ongoing dialogue process initiated by the Zanu PF number one.

Chamisa continues to kick dust in the face of all through his open challenge against Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

The MDC leader claims Mnangagwa stole his way back into power through rigging the July elections last year, months after the once State vice president stormed the country’s top job in a shock military assisted coup November 2017.

But Shumba sees everything wrong with Chamisa’s stance, saying it was ironical that the young politician continues to wail about Mnangagwa’s legitimacy when he (Chamisa) once took his issue up with the Constitutional Court which endorsed Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

“This issue legitimacy is a closed chapter,” said Shumba, adding, “some might want to see how Chamisa was the first person to legitimise Cde ED Mnangagwa by trusting in the judiciary in the country.

“That means he had trust in any outcome of the court process, so he went to court, trusting in our judiciary system and the outcome was there for everyone to see.

“The President was declared winner. So in terms of legitimacy, I think that is a closed chapter. I wonder how he is demonstrating, raising that issue.

“If he has got any issues, he must come to the political parties dialogue and we talk about them and move forward.”

Chamisa on Friday called for a protest to raise issue, among other things, with Mnangagwa’s lack of legitimacy, according to his party.

The protest was foiled by police who cited intelligence it could turn violent.

In his comments, Shumba went on to say that Chamisa and his party must swallow their pride and join other political parties in the so-called Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), a process initiated by Mnangagwa.

“I am totally against street protests. Chamisa must come and join the POLAD so that we move the country together,” Shumba said.

“You cannot move the country by demonstrations. I know it is a right for every citizen to protest. But taking it from the past experiences, MDC is a violent party.

“This is quite disturbing and scaring away investors. So I don’t think a demonstration is the solution.”

The MDC leader has refused to be part of the Mnangagwa dialogue arguing that there must be a neutral convenor to lead the process and not one handpicked by the Zanu PF leader.