PROF MOYO: If Edmund Kudzayi is gay, so is Chamisa; they go for prayer nights together in Domboshawa

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By Staff Reporter 

PROFESSOR Jonathan Moyo has jumped to the defence of journalist Edmund Kudzayi, who has over the past week fallen victim to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters’ attacks for criticising their party’s decision to go the electoral distance without structures.

Moyo, who blamed CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa, for the onslaught, said those labelling Kudzayi gay should question their party president’s sexuality too, as the two were very close and often spent nights together in the hills of Domboshava locked in prayer.

The former information minister said Kudzayi was ‘collateral damage’ in a scheme that was specifically aimed at him for his criticism of the CCC and Chamisa.

“While Chamisa’s supporters have singled me out for their vile slurs, with Edmund Kudzayi and my relatives as collateral damage, others like Stephen Chan, Chofamba Sithole and in the NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard have also made the structures critique!” said Moyo.

“What is telling and reveals hatred is that, while many others have made the argument for the indispensability of structures in the CCC, Chamisa’s base has targeted only me, Kudzayi and my relatives for its most vile slurs. The reason for this targeting is Nelson!

“Interestingly, Chamisa and Kudzayi are tight brothers in Christ. They used to hold prayers–just the two of them–at Nelson’s Advocates Chambers office. Vakomana vema all-night prayers kuzvikomo muDomboshava (these are boys who would go for all night prayers in the mountains of Domboshava). Given this, are Nelson and Edmund gay partners?

“Given the very close relationship he has with Kudzayi, it must be said strongly that Chamisa’s silence over the vile gay slurs from his supporters is proof of his profound moral and leadership bankruptcy.

“If Edmund is gay as per the CCC slurs, so is Nelson!”

Moyo, who at one time offered to assist CCC in its bid to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa at next year’s polls, has over the past months been one of the party’s main critics.