Prof Moyo says Chamisa responsible for CCC attacks on his family, and abuse of his late daughter

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By Staff Reporter 

FORMER information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, has directly blamed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa for online attacks targeting his family, including his late daughter by party activists.

Moyo, who has been in a steady row back on his support for Chamisa and the CCC party, accused the opposition leader of deliberately fanning the abuse.

Writing on Twitter, Moyo – now exiled in Kenya – dismissed suggestions the attacks could have been sparked by his recent criticism of the CCC’s unconventional decision to operate without a structure and constitution.

“While I am sad, I cannot continue to respond to each and all of them. I am heartened by the deluge of DMs asking for the reason for the crude slurs I get from Chamisa’s supporters, which reflect deep-seated hatred, as they have also targeted my sister and my late daughter!” said Moyo.

“The reason for the slurs I am getting is Chamisa himself. While he feigns ignorance and appears to be silent amid the slurs, Nelson has in fact used his seeming silence as a cover to fan and fuel the slurs. He has rebuffed all efforts to get him to address the slurs!”

Moyo and Chamisa, then leading the MDC Alliance, seemed to have struck similar chords last year before their grand fallout that has been exposed this year.

While in good books, the former information minister made public his support for Chamisa, going as far as offering to oil his campaign in Tsholotsho and train the opposition party’s election agents to avoid rigging in favour of Zanu PF.

Former information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo

His offer, however, did not find acknowledgement, with CCC members raising concern that Moyo could not keep secrets.

“On my part, I never sought to join MDC, given its treacherous ideology. In November 2021, I told Chamisa both by phone and in writing, that he was no longer supportable. I thus could not seek to join Chamisa’s no-ideology, no-values, no-constitution and no structure CCC.

“I stopped supporting CCC after its Zimbabwe Grounds #yellowSunday rally in February. I cannot support a political party or a social movement whose ideology and values I do not know or agree with. Political parties are ideologically based, and social movements are driven by values!”

He promised to address the slurs off Twitter.

“It is a fallacy to assume that the slurs I am getting from Chamisa’s supporters, which smack of hatred as they also have targeted my friends and my relatives, are because of my criticism of CCC’s structure-less setup.

“While Chamisa’s supporters have singled me out for their vile slurs, with Edmund Kudzayi and my relatives as collateral damage, others like Stephen Chan, Chofamba Sithole and in the NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard have also made the structures critique!

“What is telling and reveals hatred is that, while many others have made the argument for the indispensability of structures in the CCC, Chamisa’s base has targeted only me, Kudzayi and my relatives for its most vile slurs. The reason for this targeting is Nelson!”