Prof Ncube: We have full evidence of electoral chicanery

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By Staff Reproter

The MDC Alliance says it has unearthed serious election anomalies which the party says will compromise the outcome of the presidential elections.

In an interview with New, Alliance’s spokesperson, professor Welshman Ncube said full evidence of the “electoral chicanery” will only be availed after the official announcement of the presidential results by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

“We have discovered anomalies in the V11 data and the summary data,” he said.

“For instance, you will have a V11 which says so and so has obtained 75 votes but when you go to the summary tally of the constituency or the ward you will find out that person now suddenly has 275 votes.

“So, the accumulative effects of those anomalies are worrisome.”

Prof Ncube claimed that in some constituencies the V11 forms had disappeared and could not be accounted for while ballot boxes which are supposed to be sealed after counting were opened.

“There are instances where V11 forms have disappeared and cannot be accounted for,” he said.

“There were also instances where ballot boxes which were supposed to be sealed in terms of the law had been opened.

“Once they have been counted, the ballot papers are supposed to be put back and sealed. We have seen empty ballot boxes which basically renders nugatory all protections that are provided in the law.”
He also said some of the Alliance’s polling agents received repeated calls from unknown people calling them back at provincial command centres and police stations.
“We have instances where our agents are receiving repeated telephone calls asking them to come back to the command centres and police stations for unknown reasons. Clearly, some of them are worried.”
The MDC party president also condemned the army for using live ammunition on

“No single life of a Zimbabwean should be lost around disputes of elections. Not a single life should be lost in defence of power or the quest of power.

“As MDC Alliance, we are consistent that we should shun all forms of violence and all forms of cohesion and intimidation,” he said.

“How can you shoot someone who is not armed from the back? Even in a war situation you do not do such heinous act.
“ Opposition, government and security sector have a duty to demonstrate that lives of Zimbabweans comes first above anything else and that is indeed the duty of every government to protect the lives of its citizens.”