Prophet Makandiwa’s unlocking value sermon

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SOME of the greatest men of God to ever live under the sun have rarely won unquestioning recognition and appreciation in their lifetime. It is indeed a tragedy that these men and women, our heroes of faith are underutilised or worse still acknowledged long after they are gone.
Remarkably, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa founder of United Family International Church has amassed un-paralleled influence rankling older and more seasoned Pastors and Religious leaders alike. His latest sermons entittled Unlocking Value 1 and 2 delivered on the 19th and 26th of November during Partners Services are a testament to his staid revelations not always common to the generality of Christian leaders. He ministers with rare spiritual brilliance, unpacking pertinent matters on how best African countries can develop for the good of their citizens.
As I listened to him minister, for some time I felt like I was in a Political Economy of African Development lecture. Prophet Makandiwa provided a critical analysis of key development processes, combining spiritual matters and a variety of African experiences and trajectories. In addition he interrogated effects of Western intervention in Africa juxtaposing the need for spiritual deliverance from demonic spirits in order to be able to realise profit.
The servant of God made reference to Acts 16:16 “And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying (KJV). Explaining this scripture he established that despite being used by the devil this young girl had a gift. However she was not able to unlock value from her gift principally because her bosses were the ones that were realising profit on her behalf. Effectively they were exploiting her. He added that this girl is also believed to have come from Africa.
“The damsel was also possessed by people and after her deliverance it was the same people that got angry” said Prophet Makandiwa. When people realise you have value but you are not aware of it they will possess you. Prophet Makandiwa told United Family International Church congregants that when the devil possessed Africa, the people that saw us being possessed also came to take advantage of us by way of colonisation.  When you are under the influence of the devil it is difficult for you to realise what is at your disposal. African countries are some of the richest in terms of resources but they have not been able to generate wealth for the benefit of their citizens argued Prophet Makandiwa.  Advertisement

From his teaching post-colonial states on the continent are faced with an urgent need to engineer new theories and policies to socio-economic prosperity of Africa. The continent houses plentiful economic resources. According to the Chatham House Report 2010 entitled Our Common Strategic Interests – Africa’s Role in the Post-G8 World, “Africa is the foundation of the global supply chain – a strategic source of almost 40 per cent of the raw materials, agriculture, fresh water and energy essential for global growth. Its rainforests play a central role in the planet’s climate. Its population of one billion are increasingly important consumers. Africa is strategically placed between time zones, continents and hemispheres.” However, the continent’s state of development is deplorable as evidenced by high prevalence of crime, poverty, disease and ignorance.
Speaking on consecutive Tuesday services Prophet Makandiwa extensively discussed the demon of Africa and noted that Africa was impoverished through colonialism and up to present day imperialism remains a well calculated strategy to possess the continent’s resources at the expense of African citizens. Africa desperately needs to outgrow poverty and underdevelopment by converting the value of their natural resources in order to develop and utilise their divine nature so as to make profit.
Prophet Makandiwa also taught from Mark 10:46-52 drawing parallels between blind Bartmeus and the African continent. “Bartimeus was poor because he was blind and not blind because was poor” said the man of God. It is the absence of vision that has destroyed Africa. Using scripture after the servant of God explained how the absence of vision cripples progress. “Africa you have two problems, you cannot see and even when you see you don’t know what to do with what you see.”
Prophet Makandiwa also decried the levels of corruption on the continent saying everybody everywhere is fighting corruption and even the most corrupt people are fighting corruption. At the end of time all men shall be answerable to God so it is important that men and women who have been entrusted with responsibility ensure they deliver advised Prophet Makandiwa. As he continued to teach everyone in the main auditorium at the City Sports Centre was now on their feet, excited by the nuggets of wisdom that he was revealing. I could not help recall Dambisa Moyo’s book Dead Aid as Prophet Makandiwa charged “it is not money that we need in Africa.”
He also gave advice on the need to ensure that Africans partner with foreigners in a manner that also benefits indigenous people.  “If they are desperate for your oil let them give you machines because if you always get money from them it becomes a typical Judas Iscariot policy…you will never rise up, the more you get it the earlier you come back tomorrow to ask for more.”
Notwithstanding the good work carried out by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank I also realised how the Bretton Woods Institutions have in many ways caused underdevelopment on the continent. One scholar once said “they come and set up veld fires in Africa only for them to come back pretending to be the fireman.”
Land is the best asset we have as a nation. “Let us give them minerals and in turn we receive agricultural machinery from them. Even if we run out of stones we will never run out of the soil for agriculture” added Prophet Makandiwa. Towards the end of his sermon he also described His Excellency President Robert Mugabe as a rare leader with commendable integrity across the entire continent of Africa.
With all due respect I strongly believe it has become absolute necessary for the Government of Zimbabwe and our policy makers to constantly consult great men of God like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in such a time as this.
The full sermon of the DVD series Unlocking Value 1 and 2 is available at United Family International Church Office at 89 Central Avenue Harare. Osbert Hove can be reached at