Prosecutor suspended over Mandiwanzira’s acquittal

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By Staff Reporter

A SENIOR prosecutor at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head office has been suspended after it emerged he did not file a response to oppose Supa Mandiwanzira’s application challenging ruling on exception resulting in charges against the former ICT Minister being dropped.

In a statement, Prosecutor General (PG) Kumbirai Hodzi said he was not even served with the notice of set down in the review hearing adding that acquittal of the ex-minister was impossible at this stage.

The prosecutor, Edmore Nyazamba, has been suspended until investigations surrounding the incident are finalised.

Hodzi said the State is filing an appeal against the High Court ruling this coming week.

“The NPA and myself the PG were not served with the notice of set down in the review hearing of Supa Mandiwanzira’s case,” he said.

“The prosecution of high profile anti-corruption matters remains a top priority to us and we regard these matters with grave importance.

“We are preparing our notice of appeal which will be filed next week.”

Hodzi said investigations into the matter have started.

“It is completely unacceptable for any prosecutor to fail to abide by court rules or court procedures,” he said as he went on to announce that the prosecutor has been suspended.

As then cabinet minister, Mandiwanzira stands accused of favouring a South African company, Megawatt with a NetOne consultancy deal without following procedures.

The State alleged this caused NetOne to lose $5 million which was paid to the company for the service.

The case however collapsed following a successful appeal against a magistrate’s unfavourable ruling on Mandiwanzira’s exception.

Justice Nicholas Mathonsi quashed charges against the former minister after the case was unopposed by the State.

Following this, Hodzi said corruption cases will now be fast tracked.

He said three competent prosecutors, one being from the special anti-corruption unit will now handle a case.

He said NPA is committed to fighting corruption in the country and will deliver as expected.