Prospectors take fight with Chitando to ED doorstep

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWEAN prospectors have taken their fight with Mines Minister Winston Chitando to President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom they besought to rein in on his subordinate.

They claim being side-lined by the minister in ongoing Mines and Minerals Bill Consultations.

Under their representative Zimbabwe Prospectors Association, they told the President they were disheartened by Chitando’s attitude.

“Your Excellency, we are disheartened and shocked by your Honourable Minister of Mines W. Chitando’s public utterances that he will not consult other vital stakeholders, regards, bill except the Z.M.F and Chamber of Mines only,” said the prospectors.

The Zimbabwe Prospectors Association represents the interests of approved prospectors (peggers) who are technical individuals.

However, they claim Chitando has unilaterally directed they be represented by miners.

“It is absolutely not right to say a technical professional association be represented by a non-technical association.”

The group said prospectors’ job was to peg claims for miners, hence, “We want to be answerable to issues that concern our profession rather than the usurping of that representation by Miners Association…”

Prospectors said they have “not been consulted since 2018. Up to now we see ranges of issues in the mines bill tantamount to threatening national security”.

Recently, Zimbabwe Prospectors Association president Samson Dzingwe slammed Chitando whom he said was “not being unfair but also segregative”.

“That is very unfair, unconstitutional, segregative, uncalled for, because our constitution does not force people or associations of a certain group to affiliate to a certain group so that they can contribute to national affairs,” he said then.