Quit Zanu PF and be cheapened like Simba Makoni, youth leader dares disgruntled ruling party members

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ASPIRING Zanu PF candidates who lost in the last primary elections and are unhappy with the results are free to leave and stand as independents but must know that they will be “cheapened” like Simba Makoni, says ruling party youths’ boss.

Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu was speaking recently in Gweru during a youth convention.

He said, “If you feel that you are not able to accept the results you are free to leave the party and stand as an independent candidate; but I just want to warn those individuals and tell them that they don’t have support.

“You will be cheapened just like Simba Makoni who does not have the numbers and is struggling to have a rally.”

Makoni, former finance minister, who now leads Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, left Zanu PF in a huff and contested the 2008 Presidential election but lost dismally. He has also failed to make much impact on the political scene.

Tsenengamu, himself a loser in the Zanu PF primaries, further warned colleagues not to hold President Emmerson Mnangagwa to ransom over their defeat.

“There are some people with a mentality of entitlement within the party. Some people think that they own the party but I want to tell you Zanu PF is bigger than any individual,” he added.

“Some individuals think that they own the party but that is not the case. If you lost in the party primary elections you just have to accept the result and move on.

“We don’t tolerate neither do we condone individuals who think they can denigrate our leader and hold him at ransom.

“We must respect our President. We have had enough with those individuals,” he fumed.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa, last week, admitted that all was not well within the governing party claiming that there was a plot to impeach him after winning the presidential race.

The plot, according to Mnangagwa, was hatched by individuals who won the disputed primary polls.