Rain Damaged Roads Will Not Derail Kariba Vaccination Programme – Official

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

A GOVERNMENT official says unprecedented torrential rains that have damaged roads and bridges past few days will not derail an ongoing Covid-19 vaccination exercise in Kariba district.

Director of Local Governance Mashonaland West province, Cecilia Chitiyo said government had secured a boat to transport Covid-19 vaccines and other essential goods to the cut-off areas that are not accessible by road.

She reiterated central government had declared the state of roads countrywide a state of disaster and all government departments and agencies had been activated to collaborate their efforts to urgently rehabilitate damaged infrastructure.

“Government has arranged a boat that would be used to take Covid-19 vaccines to those affected communities in Mola, Mayovhe and Chalala which can nolonger be reached by road.

“So, the vaccination programme will go ahead as scheduled.

“We are, however, putting our efforts to mobilise all roads authorities; that is Zinara, DDF (District Development Fund) and councils to repair the damaged roads and bridges so the situation normalises as soon as possible,” said Chitiyo, while addressing a virtual youth dialogue meeting Tuesday.

The successful roll-out of the Covid-19 inoculation programme for predominantly frontline health workers was facing a major threat due to the inaccessibility of Mayovhe, Mola and Chalala clinics.

The persistent heavy rains that pounded the Siakobvu area resulted in massive landslides at Ndepa, destroying the access road completely rendering Mayovhe, Mola and Chalala unreachable.

The latest development renders health services at referral centres in Siakobvu and Karoi inaccessible for a majority of people living in Kariba’s rural areas who will also be unable to get foodstuffs and other provisions that are delivered by road.

The sole DDF ferry provides passenger services for the stranded population.