Raisedon Baya’s controversial play on land set for new Theatre in The Park venue in Harare

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THEATRE in The Park this week showcases high-riding and controversial play, The Taking, by renowned Raisedon Baya.
The play looks into Zimbabwe’s controversial land issue. It also touches on censorship and the role of storytelling in modern Africa.
Directed by Memory Kumbota, the cast is an impressive ensemble of experienced local actors, Zenzo Nyathi, Gift Chakuvinga, Aleck Zulu, Elton Sibanda, and Musa Sibanda.
According to Rooftop Promotions, who are creators of the new 500 Theatre in The Park venue, the spot is typical place for such a play.
“It is not simply a big auditorium where Harare audiences can enjoy performances, it is a platform for politically and socially conscious theatre, and it is a space to connect the audience with the important questions in our society,” said director Daves Guzha.
Actors in the play use song, dance and physical theatre to tell the story.
“The play sensitively and intelligently navigates through the turbulence of the occupation and forced re-settlement of Africans in the early twentieth century, the war of liberation, and the farm invasions of the past fifteen years,” says Baya.
He added, “By guiding the audience through this fraught history using an experimental combination of different performance mediums, the play challenges us to re-think story-telling in a modern African society.”
For years now, the land issue has been seen a sensitive topic which many would rather avoid. To encourage discussion and debate, Baya explores precisely the same sensitive issues such as the importance of the land to the economy and to African families.
Baya’s play premiered at the Bulawayo Theatre in 2015, where it was well received by audiences and critics.Advertisement