Rape accused Binga man seeks bail

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

A Binga man accused of raping his ex-wife has approached the High Court in Bulawayo seeking bail.

Timothy Siaminga of Siabuwa in Binga has applied to the High Court for bail pending his trial.

In his bail application papers, Siaminga said he wants freedom to look for money for his wife whom he said is pregnant.

“I need to seek money for the preparation of my wife who is pregnant. I need to pay fees for my young brothers and take care of my old aged grandfather,” said Siaminga in his bail application papers.

Siaminga who is a self- actor said he also need freedom to go and renovate the family‘s homestead.

“I need to renovate our homestead since I am the eldest at home. I respectfully submit my application,” Court papers show.

The State has opposed bail arguing that the applicant is of a violent disposition and that the complainant is afraid of him.

“Take notice that the respondent is opposed to the applicant being granted bail pending trial. The applicant and the complainant reside in the same area in Zewula and that gives the applicant easy access to the complainant who is his ex-wife. The release of the applicant will intimidate the complainant who is already afraid of the applicant,” submitted the State in its opposing papers.

According to the State outline, on the 27th of July 2019, the applicant is alleged to have met the complainant near his homestead while the complainant was coming from Siabuwa clinic. He allegedly dragged her into his homestead where he had sexual intercourse with her three times without her consent.