Rare Praises For Police After Thorough Machaya Investigation, Arrests

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By Leopold Munhende

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), usually on the receiving end of public backlash for failure to respect basic human rights among other ills, has been praised for a job well done following an extensive investigation and arrests in relation to the death of child mother Anna Machaya (15).

Machaya passed on while giving birth at a Johane Marange shrine in Bocha last month and was allegedly buried two hours after her death as church leaders and her parents sought to cover up the crime.

Shamwari YeMwanasikana (SYS) and Plan International are some of the organisations that have come out to commend the police investigators with individuals using social media to applaud the state security institution.

Police, Thursday announced they had arrested Hatirarami Evans Momberume, Anna’s husband on charges of rape and her parents for defeating the course of justice following attempts by the mother to mislead them into believing Anna was 22 when she passed on.

The parents, Edmore Machaya (45) and Shy Mabika (36) are said to have misrepresented information to police investigators by giving them a namesake’s identity card but that again was found to be false after perusal of school records.

The two are also being charged for having pledged another nine year old to Momberume as a replacement.

“We commend the Zimbabwe Republic Police for investigating the issue and arresting the alleged perpetrators together with her parents for defeating the course of justice. This is a key milestone in the advocacy journey against child sexual exploitation and advancing the rights of children at all levels,” said SYS in a statement, Friday.

Probing by police revealed it was not Memory Machaya who had passed on at the apostolic church shrine as had been widely reported over the past two weeks but Anna.

Memory is a 22 year old, married young woman and daughter to Enerst Machaya, brother to Edmore.

“Plan International Zimbabwe acknowledges and applauds the ZRP for investigating the circumstances around the death of 14 year old Anna Machaya while giving birth at an apostolic shrine in Bocha, Mutare.

“This comprehensive investigation has resulted in the arrest of Momberume (26) who is now being charged with raping the deceased.

“We also commend the ZRP for apprehending the parents of the deceased who are facing criminal charges for defeating the course of justice by producing false identify documents in an attempt to cover up the fact that the deceased was a minor.”

The ZRP has for long been regarded as one of the best by Zimbabweans who however bemoan its lack of independence and abuse by politicians as its major challenge.

These sentiments were aired by tens who commented on its official statement.

“Dai pasina Zanu PF unyanzvi hwenyu hwekuferefeta nyaya hwaibuda kunge hweScotland Yard or FBI. It’s a pity makabatwa nemaporotisheni! Well done though, munotembeka zvenyu mukapiwa mukana,” said @DivaMandeya.