Redcliff councillors blast top civil servant for partisan food distribution

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By Staff Reporter

MDC councillors in Redcliff are up in arms with a Kwekwe District government official they accuse of partisan food aid distribution to the disadvantage of many deserving people.

Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva said while representing councillors the civil servant was working in cahoots with Zanu PF loyalists to defy the government sourced aid.

“Zanu PF is hijacking a food relief programme from government to feed the vulnerable people of Redcliff during this Covid-19 lockdown period,” Masiyatsva said.

He accused the unnamed official within the social welfare department in Kwekwe of using Zanu PF structures to distribute the aid.

“There is now an outcry in Redcliff because undeserving people are having their names written down while deserving cases are being left out because they don’t support Zanu PF,” Masiyatsva said.

He slammed the social welfare officers in the Midlands district for allegedly behaving like the Zanu PF commissariat department as opposed to civil servants.

“We do have a community service department under housing department which must deal with social welfare issues.

“Further, we do have community care workers and elected councillors to complete the whole process,” he said.

Masiyatsva said government officials must not use taxpayers and donor funded money to further their political agendas.

He accused government officials in the steel making suburb of bypassing elected councillors and working with losing 2018 Zanu PF candidates to distribute food.

It is not the first time Zanu PF politicians and partisan civil servants have been accused of bias in the distribution of aid.