Return What You Looted: Zimbos Tell ‘Repentant’ Mzembi

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By Leopold Munhende

ZIMBABWE’s normally unforgiving Twitter community gave exiled former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi a reality check when they called on him to renounce all the material wealth he may have acquired by looting the country during his time in government.

Mzembi served for a long time as Environment and Tourism minister under in the later former president Robert Mugabe and had a short stint as Foreign Affairs minister.

He was a member of a faction in Zanu PF, G40, which campaigned heavily against current president Emmerson Mnangagwa in the run up to the November 2017 military coup.

He fled the country at the height of the coup along with his G40 colleagues and is wanted by authorities in Zimbabwe on allegations of corruption.

A repentant Mzembi announced Sunday he had discovered a higher purpose for his life, much greater than politics.

Ministers under the Mugabe regime were considered the most corrupt, with most building fancy homes in upmarket Harare, owning not less than two farms each while living in obvious opulence.

“I have discovered a greater purpose in my life than Zimbabwean politics, Jesus Christ. Kingdoms are raised and pulled down by Jehovah when the time is nigh you will even wonder; was this the mighty Party?” he tweeted.

Although some welcomed Mzembi to the “Body of Christ”, many others wanted to know what he had decided with his wealth.

“Return the loot Baba and then you can tell us about God,” one twitter user, Fryzer Eland, who goes by the identity of @Fryzer4 said..

Another user with the name, Kunorira Pfene (@mfadzanai1) responded by saying: “Chidzosa zvese zvawakaba, then wokumbira forgiveness pane zvakaipa zvose zvawakaita kana kutsigira against the people of Zimbabwe.”

Others wanted to know whether Mzembi, who until June this year was in facing corruption charges, was going to confess his role in abusing Zimbabweans and disappearing some of them, like what happened to journalist and political activist Itai Dzamara.

“So are you going to give up the loot, list of all activists who disappeared under Mugabe (Itai Dzamara), US$15 billion; are you going to confess Bambo?” one Thelma Remekedzo (@thelmaremekedzo) asked.

Harare Versatile bantered: “Ehee mapedza kuba mazowana Jesu, it is cold outside Zanu PF my elder.”