Rhodesian Leaders Were More Accommodating Than Zanu PF: Chipanga

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By Kenneth Matimaire

OUTSPOKEN veteran musician Hosiah Chipanga made a scathing attack against the country’s leadership saying Rhodesian leaders were more accommodating as compared to post independence leaders.

Chipanga made the emotional attack against the ruling party without mentioning it by name, after his efforts to seek audience with the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new dispensation fell on deaf ears.

The prolific song writer and musician said he made similar attempts during the reign of the late leader Robert Mugabe to no avail.

The Pharoah hitmaker had high hopes to meet with “new dispensation” leadership after Mnangagwa portrayed himself as a “listening President” following his controversial electoral victory in the 2018 polls.

However, three years into Mnangagwa’s rule, Chipanga is already convinced that his wish will never be granted under what he termed as a “partial new dispensation.”

Without mentioning names, Chipanga compared leaders of the late Ian Smith led The Rhodesian Front party and those from Zanu PF, citing the former as more accommodating.

He said the ruling party leadership only entertain known figures who tored the party’s line, ahead of unknown citizens with divergent views that could bring development to Zimbabwe.

“I have walked a long journey to meet the country’s leaders to no avail. I did not succeed and still haven’t succeeded on my spiritual mission to inform the leaders on how our Creator wishes or wants us to live on this planet.

“I have learnt that white men leaders are very different from black men leaders in terms of accommodating some request or views from unknown citizen. That’s why they are almost ahead in many things compared to black leaders who apply nepotism on views and ideas,” said Chipanga.

The outspoken lyricist dismissed any positive outcomes under Mnangagwa as he “now believe that the so called new dispensation is not only partially new but built on the old foundation that had no space for extension.”

To prove his point, Chipanga shared a letter addressed to him by The Rhodesian Front party chairperson Geoffrey John Kluckow who was on an acting capacity at that time.

The letter was responding to a request made by Chipanga – little known then – on August 15, 1979 to meet The Rhodesian Front party leadership.

“I would be prepared to meet you in Salisbury (now Harare) if you are able to make your way down here at any time. Please phone or call at this office (4th Street, next to Municipal Car Park) and make an appointment to see me,” reads the letter written and signed By Kluckow on August 17, 1979 to the Mutare based musician.

Chipanga indicated that he managed to meet with Kluckow where he was advised to share his views with the incoming government as The Rhodesian Front party anticipated an electoral upset.

“I did meet the chairman of The Rhodesian Front party. He was very impressed but said it was very unfortunate that his party was not going to win elections. And wished for me that whoever gets the power to lead the nation would accommodate my views,” said Chipanga who has been making frantic efforts to meet with Zanu PF leaders immediately after independence.

Chipanga said he wishes to share his spiritual mission to inform the leaders on how the Creator expects people to live – which will unlock doors towards prosperity.