Rioting former Gokomere students cleared

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

MASVINGO magistrate, Farai Gwitima, has acquitted 18 former Gokomere High School students who were accused of public disorder after they protested maladministration.

However, five of the former form four students have been put to their defence after the state proved they have a case to answer.

“Eighteen former Gokomere High School students have been set free after they were discharged at close prosecution on charges of public violence. Only five were put to their defines,” the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said in a tweet.

The state closed its case last week.

The former form four students were arrested in November last year on allegations of destroying school property.

The protests were specifically over a poor diet and learning conditions.

It is alleged that there was chaos when the pupils destroyed the dining hall windowpanes and the school head, Acquanos Mazhunga’s vehicle.

The students denied the allegations.

Instead, they raised complaints of abuse by the police.

They were represented by Martin Mureri of ZLHR.