Roki, Passion Java ‘Buy’ YouTube Views?

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

FOLLOWING his unmatched vocals in his new duology, Zviriko and Uchandifunga, signalling his slow return to the music scene, Roki has cemented his position bagging 1 million YouTube views in just four days.

The crooner in the past two weeks dropped two love songs under the self-titled Passion Java Records owned by the controversial cleric.

What has, however, caught the attention of many is his latest romantic song, Uchandifunga‘s sudden spike in YouTube view count raising suspicions over how he achieved such a milestone.

Surpassing 1 million views on YouTube has taken other local artists like stars, Jah Prayzah and Winky D at least a month.

On Monday, the song had just a little over 400 000 YouTube views before they miraculously surged overnight to a staggering 1million while the first part of the duology, Zviriko has only 461 000 views, two weeks after it was dropped.

Could have Passion Java and Roki used YouTube view bots to boost view count and convince the audience that Uchandifunga is popular or is the track popular and bagged over 800 000views in a few hours?

YouTube view bots run in the background, automatically increasing the view count of videos. This is however against YouTube’s Terms of Service and a video can be struck down.

The number of likes and dislikes on the video also do not tally with the 1.3 million views. Uchandifunga has 13 000 likes and 181 dislikes of its 1.3 million views.

This is however peculiar when compared to other tracks with such views. Jah Prayzah’s Porovhoka after 6 months stands at 1.7 million views with 23 000 likes and 1 400 dislikes, Winky D’s Mugarden in 2 years has 5.9 million views with 43 000 likes and 1 400 dislikes, Freeman’s Ngaibake 3.4million views with 23 000 likes and 832 dislikes, a year after its release.