Rowdy Pirate Taxi Driver In Soup For Shouting F* Word At Police Boss

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

Karoi: A 25-YEAR-OLD pirate taxi driver here has landed himself into trouble for reckless driving and obstructing a vehicle belonging to a top-ranking police officer, whom he allegedly insulted for sounding the hooter.

Brian Luckson of Chiedza township, Karoi recently appeared before Karoi magistrate Godwillis Mavenge facing six offences relating to violations of the Road Traffic Act.

He was not asked to plead before being granted $10 000 bail.

The matter was remanded to 17 June for routine remand.

The complainants in the matter are the state and ZRP Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Anti-Corruption Unit deputy director, Assistant Commissioner Jealous Nyabasa.

The state case, led by prosecutor Pazvichaenda Munakira is that on 31 May this year at around 9am along Chikangwe road, Luckson was operating a passenger transport service without an operator’s licence using a white Toyota Fun Cargo registration number AEM 1383.

As he was conducting his illegal business, he dangerously stopped in the middle of the road to pick up passengers opposite Chikangwe Primary School, thereby blocking other motorists, including Nyabasa.

Upon realising that Luckson had obstructed the road, Nyabasa sounded his car’s hooter for the taxi driver to give way.

This incensed Luckson who shouted “f**k off” at the senior police officer thereby impairing his dignity.

Luckson then sped off from the scene heading towards town centre with the top cop in hot pursuit.

Along the way, he drove his car recklessly and made an intermittent stop to drop off passengers at a Zuva Service Station.

Nyabasa who was following closely behind observed Luckson dangerously drive the vehicle by overtaking at blind rises opposite ZRP New Camp and at Amuga shops heading into the central business district.

Luckson also allegedly made suicidal stunts, overtaking in front of oncoming traffic and failing to give way at the roundabout near Karoi Hotel.

Court also heard he proceeded to Farm and City centre where he dropped off passengers.

The senior police officer then took advantage and blocked Luckson by parking his car in front of the pirate taxi.

This further annoyed Luckson who spewed more insults saying “Pfutseke, f**k off, go to hell.”

He managed to get away from the scene but Nyabasa had already informed Hurungwe district police commander who dispatched a team to hunt the offending driver down.

The police details intercepted Luckson near ‘As You Like It’ restaurant and signalled him to stop.

He refused to comply and drove towards an officer who was in the middle of the road and narrowly missed running him over, before fleeing.

He was, however, pursued and arrested.

Unite Saizi of Saizi Law Firm is representing accused person.