Rushwaya fears for her gold as 3,3 grams ‘disappear’

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Zimbabwe Football Association CEO, Henrietta Rushwaya has complained that her gold seized by the police when she was arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport earlier this month is being stolen.

Rushwaya, a politically connected individual, who is suspended president of Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF), said this was shocking.

She disclosed this when she appeared before Harare magistrate Ngoni Nduna for her routine remand Friday.

Rushwaya was busted while trying to smuggle 6,09 kilogrammes of gold to Dubai via Robert Mugabe International Airport.

She told court that her gold is now 3,3 grammes short.

“The gold is now 3,3 grammes short. It’s purity has materially differed with now some blocs being 93% pure as opposed to the 99,9% previously stated on record,” her lawyer Tapson Dzvetero told court.

“There has been attempts to have her sign it off as if she is still in custody of the gold yet she is now in remand prison and the gold is now an exhibit in the court’s custody through the police.”

Rushwaya was denied bail some two weeks ago.

During her bail hearing, Rushwaya told court that she carried a wrong bag from home on the day in question.

She said she thought she had carried a handbag containing her toiletries, food and other things only to be surprised when gold was detected at the airport.

Rushwaya says she is legitimate and will prove that allegations against her were false and is hoping to repossess her gold.

Her lawyer also told court that his client was being harassed at remand prison.

“She was been taken on the 19th, 20th and 23rd November 2020 by people some of whom are unknown and not identified to her,” he said.

Dzvetero said in the alleged re-assays the gold has materially varied downwards from the first assay results which raises eyebrows.

He applied for an order stopping the alleged re-assays.

Rushwaya is jointly charged with Ali Mohammed, a Pakistan businessman, Raphios Mufandauya and Steven Tserayi, who are Central Intelligence Organisation officers as well as ZMF employee, Gift Karanda.

She is facing charges of contravening the Customs Act, bribery and unlawful possession of gold.